Deathcrusher Tour : Obituary Live at Glasgow Barrowlands


If you went by the number of t-shirts on display, then Florida death metal legends Obituary were the band most folk at Deathcrusher 2015 were there to see.

Obituary_Deathcrusher_IainCackblabbath_3The band, minus frontman John, take to the stage to a rapturous reception from a now packed Barrowlands. From down in the pit we see the missing frontman getting in the zone just off stage, headbanging, air guitaring and generally getting “in the zone” while the rest of the band got the place bouncing with Redneck Stomp.

As the instrumental opening draws to a close the towering frontman bounds onto the stage and.. well.. the rest is a bit of a blur really. Suffice to say the place is going mental, everyone is singing along and the band are clearly having as much fun as we are.

Once again we’re treated to the pick of band’s near 30-year history, going from Violence from 2014’s Inked In Blood right back to a crowd pleasing (and that’s an understatement) rendition of the title track from 1989’s Slowly We Rot which sent the place mental.

Or should that be more mental. How on earth could ANYONE follow that ?