Chariot Live at Hard Rock Hell 9

Chariot 10

The Starbucks is kicking in and we’re over at the Boardwalk ready for Chariot. They promise some proper heavy metal for the afternoon session. If they ever get started…

“Some technical problems; We’ve got problems and I’m not very technical” grins Pete.

After some faffing about playing which lead goes where… Chariot erupt into action with a splendid display of the heavy metal we’re craving. If the opening two bands of the day (More and Chariot) are anything to go by, Saturday is going to be a monumental day. Even if it is pissing down with rain in a relentless manner.

As the Hafan Y Mor staff bring in the outside bar out of the torrent of wind and rain; Chariot produce their own little storm up on the second stage. They get our heads banging from the off, which is quite an achievement considering certain team members feel like their heads are about to fall off.

‘Demons and Angels’ and some other NWOBHM shaped pounders may not be the most recognisable tunes to our ears this weekend but that doesn’t stop them going down a treat. As the extended outro to the set allows Pete to rush around into the crowd for a few high fives; we’re left impressed and very much awake after all that.