Black Spiders Live at Hard Rock Hell 9

black spiders 04

There’s a real temptation to stay in the caravan wrapped up in front of the fire on this thoroughly miserable Saturday afternoon. Horizontal rain, the tail-end of both a hurricane and a hangover; the walk over the bridge to the HRH arena holds as much trepidation as a hike through deepest Siberia in your Y-fronts.

Well something like that, anyway…

If you want a band that will fill out your main stage hall in the middle of the afternoon come rain or shine, then look no further than Black Spiders. They’ve done it before and by god they’ve done it again. Black Spiders are a big draw; the place is packed tighter than it was for UFO headlining the night before.

We’ve not seen these guys since Winter Rocks almost one year ago, but we all know how the show goes by now…

They hit their stride early on in the show, with the band lumbering around the stage like disorientated wilder beasts but sounding on the ball. Or on the ‘Balls’. Boom Tish!

Seriously though, for a band that has only played a handful of shows this year, they look like they’ve been touring Jimmy Carr’s schedule. They’re smashing out the tunes in fine form. We’ve rarely seen these guys so tight.

If you’d have any complaint about the show it would have to be that we’ve seen it before. Not that there’s anything wrong seeing Black Spiders belt out their vast array of tunes in a splendid manner. Nothing at all. We get the “Fuck You Black spiders” bit and all is well and good. We do crave a new album from these boys, but on the other hand know that it’s easier said than done these days. We live in hope for 2016!

The ten legged beer fuelled monster that is the Black Spiders roll out the hits and things get especially tasty around the one-two suckerpunch of ‘Balls’ and ‘Trouble’. The riffs are coming thick and fast and we’re well and truly back in the swing of things this afternoon.

“A lot of shitty things have happened this week” Now we’re not sure that the death of Phil Taylor was the worst thing that happened but we get ‘Teenage Knife Gang’ in tribute to Philthy himself to finish off a massive treble of ‘Just Like A Woman/Kiss/Knife Gang’

A huge ending to one of the standout shows of the festival.

Now… about that new album!