Riot Horse Live at Hard Rock Hell 9

Riot Horse 04

Well, call us unprofessional but we’ve never heard of Riot Horse. A quick sweep around the folk stood near us and, well… one bloke knows who they are. Smart arse. He assures us that they’re “Awesome!”


As usual at HRH, it’s the bands that you’re not familiar with that make the best impression. Always great to discover a new band that you previously had no idea even existed, and now we do indeed know all about Riot Horse.

They are, as tipped off by that bloke, “Awesome”

There’s not whole lot of stand out uniqueness in what they do; it’s just that Riot Horse are simply damn good at what they do. ‘Bluesy classic rock’ is a tag that could be slapped on a few dozen bands this weekend but few would outshine Riot Horse at this game. They are thoroughly entertaining from our position. They look the part and sound the part.

A bunch of Scandinavians who know how to rock hard.Who would have thought, eh?

*Applies CackBlabbath Stamp of Approval*

Some people never venture over to the second stage, you know. That’s just crazy when there’s a wealth of new stuff to discover on regular rotation like this. Like The Dukes Of Bordello. Like More. And Stags… the list goes on!