Iain’s obligatory Top10 of 2015 lists

’tis the season to be jolly… and the season where webzine writes the world over cast their minds back to their favourite bits of the last 12 months. Well who am I to go against the seasonal traditions so without further ado here we go….

Top 10 albums…

10.Queensryche : Condition Human

We thought they were done, we were wrong.

9.The Sword : High Country

Riff, Riff, Chug, Chug, Riff.

8.James Stevenson : Everything’s Getting Closer To Being Over

Wow, where did that one come from !!

7.Ghost : Meliora

Bow before (this) Papa and kiss his ring.

6.Paradise Lost : The Plague Within

Old Nick and chums at their very best.

5.Slayer : Repentless

Post Jeff, Post Dave, Slayer unleash a gem.

4.Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock : Spirit On A Mission

Back dining at Rock’s top table, but on the mineral water

3.Rhino’s Revenge : Rhino’s Revenge II

OK, OK, didn’t expect this to be quite so damn entertaining

2.Wednesday 13 : Monsters Of The Universe, Come Out And Plague

Wednesday 13 doing what Wednesday 13 does best, and doing it better than ever

1.Whitesnake : The Purple Album

Choooooooooon(s) Hearing Coverdale rip through Burn again… wow.


2015 has been another great year for live music. On a personal (purely ego driven) level there have been some unforgettable moments, the highlight of which was our own stage at Wildfire this year, with Dakesis finishing things off on a high.

On a more objective level, the memories of the gig going year have largely been knocked into a cocked hat by a stunning evening in Glasgow earlier this month where three of the best live sets I’ve seen all happened in the same evening. Black Star Riders were better than ever, Def Leppard proved they’re still an arena band but oh. my. lord. how f’kin good were Whitesnake ??!!

Top 10 Live things…

10.Sabaton at Bloodstock

Sabaton Bloodstock 2015 09

9.Black Star Riders at the Glasgow ABC

Black Star Riders at the o2 ABC Glasgow  11

8.Orange Goblin at HRH United

Orange Goblin Live at HRH United 13

7.Def Leppard at the SSE Hydro


6.VoiVod at Deathcrusher, Glasgow


5.Rob Zombie at Bloodstock Open Air

Rob Zombie BOA 01

4.Helloween at Hard Rock Hell


3.Fish at Midstock


2.Cock Sparrer at Hellfest Open Air

CockSparrer_CackBlabbath_IainHawkins 10

1.Whitesnake at the SSE Hydro


And there you have it, been a good old year all round. Lots of fun times in the photo pit shooting great bands, and lots of fun times in the crowd watching them. Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and MAy The Froce Be With You.

Here’s a photo of Michael Schenker for ya, as used by Classic Rock šŸ™‚

Michael Schenker's TOR Live at the o2 ABC Glasgow 12