Blue October : Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas)

blue-october-things-we-do-at-night-441753.1When Blue October announced their pledge campaign for a band documentary, live album and DVD it was time to break out the credit card straight away and get signed up. Now often when you pledge on something you kind of forget about it until it arrives in the post, and that’s exactly the case here and the package dropped through the letterbox just before Christmas, a present from my younger self.

There are three strands to this particular pledge package. The documentary film is still a bit away, but the arrival of the live album and DVD filled that gap, and pretty much elbowed out everything else off this particular CB playlist for a good couple of weeks.

It’s a challenge, trying to capture the intensity and energy of a band like Blue October on film, but the first impressions of the DVD are that it’s a quality job. The camera eye captures the band in front of a fiercely partisan home-state Texan crowd. Anyone who has caught them live knows that Blue October are all about intensity, with frontman Justin Furstinfeld channeling whatever mood his inner demons are in at any given moment into the performance.

The package takes it’s title from one of the tracks on the last studio album Sway, and the tracklisting for the DVD mixes some of their better known songs with less well known stuff. For the uninitiated the result is a solid introduction to what Blue October are all about, and for the fans it’s the chance to relive the highlights of the Sway tour.

This DVD / CD does it’s best to capture Blue October at the very top of their game, and does a great job of it too. Tracks like Sway, Into The Ocean, The Getting Over It Part and, of course, Hate Me are as fine slices of alt-rock as you could ever hope to hear and the raw edge they have live gives them an extra dimension. Although the frontman dominates proceedings Blue October are much more than just one person, with the multi-instrumental cleverclogs Ryan Delahoussaye providing some flourishes of absolute class to the proceedings.

At times angry, at times dark but always ultimately uplifting Things We Do At Night shows just why a relatively unknown band can sell out tours and elicit a fanatical response from their fans. A music DVD will never be as good as actually experiencing the event live, but Things We Do At Night is one of those releases that makes you say “Damn, I wish I’d been there”.

House Of Blues, Texas… well maybe one day.