The King Is Blind : Our Father

tkib of cbA new year brings a rather swarm of new music to get our lugholes around it is already starting to pile up in the inbox. So we best get started…

To be fair, we’ve had the debut from The King Is Blind for a month or so now, it’s been the soundtrack to our festive break, and that has been a damn sight more satisfying than Cliff Richard and East 17 et al….

We’ve been waiting for this one for a while too. The King Is Blind have taken their time perfecting their debut while steadily ticking off all the big festivals around the UK. Their first E.P. was to our liking and we went on to proclaim that “The King Is Blind already look to be one of the most exciting bands on the British extreme metal scene.”

So it’s fair to say that we have built up our expectations a little bit!

One of the stand out features of what The King Is Blind do is that they cover so much ground. They’re usually lumped in with the doom mob; and that’s fine. The music journalist is as guilty as anyone for having to put each and every band into a specific box. It helps to both categorize and explain what a band sounds like. There is so much to The King Is Blind’s sound however. You have heaps of Death Metal influence and even the occasional brief flourish of Grind and you don’t have an ex Cradle Of Filth man in your ranks without some Black Metal fury in there too.

They basically serve up a juicy serving of everything we love about extreme music; and by God, it is tasty…

‘Our Father’ really hits the ground running too. If you are expecting one of those lengthy atmospheric intros then you’d (we’d) be wrong. ‘Genesis Refracted’ smashes you square on the nose from the moment you press play. A massive stirring Entombed-style riff accompanies Stephen Tovey’s unearthly growl which immediately gets your ears pricked. ‘Fragility Becomes Wrath’ continues that trend with devastating effect and momentum.

This isn’t a one-trick album by any means. ‘Mors Somnis’ slows things down to a crawl with a bit of signature Jerry Cantrell tone in the guitars until it all reignites into a ball of fury in the second half of the track.

‘Bloodlet Ascension’ treads more melodic Death Metal territory where ‘Mourning Light’ is another delightfully slow number.

There’s no predictable pattern to how this album unfolds. One minute you’ll be caught up in a whirlwind of thrash and the next you’ll be knee-deep in sludgy doom all the way to the epic multi-faceted ending of ‘Mesmeric Furnace’. ‘All The Daemons…’ just about has it all, however. One of those stirring Scandinavian influenced buzz saw riffs, throat ripping vocals and even a crowd involving “Hey, hey, hey” fist-pump section! Check it out:

2016 is barely three weeks old and we’re already seeing some really great albums coming through. Prong, Conan and Karybdis have all tickled our taste buds so far with plenty more to come soon. This one is a sure fire Top 10 botherer. We wait with baited breath for no end of albums to come out from new and classic bands alike. They don’t always live up to the expectation. This one not only lives up to the expectation but it simply smashes it out of the park.

The King Is Blind have taken their time cooking up this debut and that really shows in this top notch album. ‘Our Father’ is an exciting and unpredictable rip-roaring collection of extreme metal, worth the immediate attention of any metal fan worth their salt.