CB Spotlight : The Bad Flowers

The Bad FlowersBand Name : The Bad Flowers

Home Town : Cannock/Rugby

Year Formed : October 2014
Current Lineup : Tom Leighton – Guitar and Vocals, Dale Tonks – Bass and Vocals, Karl Selickis – Drums

For the uninitiated, give us a Brief History of the band:

I think the first time we jammed together we all new that we had the right elements to make something special, 2 weeks after our first practice we had our first gig and we just haven’t stopped gigging since! We’ve released an ep and a single and toured up and down the uk and a few shows in Europe.

And what’s been the highlight so far ?:

There’s been so many already, driving to Vienna to play a show was pretty cool as well as getting support slots with bands like The Sonics and The Sheepdogs. We had a single launch at The Rainbow in Birmingham in March and that show was one of the best we’ve had I don’t think any of us could have anticipated the support we had! We just love playing shows and meet amazing new people and watching some kick ass bands!

Big plans for the future ? :

We’ve just been asked to support Crobot on 3 dates this June, 21st Crauford arms – Milton Keynes, 22nd The Rainbow – Birmingham and Islington O2 so we’re looking to build on that as well as recording an album this year and more touring!

Describe your music in 1 word :


What is the most common misconception about the band?

I don’t think people expect our sound to be as big as it is for a 3 piece band, we work really hard on filling the sound out to be as big as we can get it. We get a lot of comments about that.

Tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about the band :

I’d say us driving 2000 miles across Europe to play two shows, I’d say that was pretty mad! We also got stopped at a check point by German police but as soon as they saw we were in a band and fans of Black Sabbath they let us through!

Who would be your ideal tour-mates ?:

We’re big into a lot of bands like Rival sons, Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown, Crobot, Monster Truck, wolfmother any of those guys would be Out this world.

And what would be on the rider ?:

We’re partial to a few cans of Red Stripe! And strawberry laces, gotta have strawberry laces.
People say rock’n’roll is getting too safe, too tame.

What’s the most “rock’n’roll excess” thing you’ve done ?

We once had a rider at a show in Blackburn of a crate of beer but the guy behind the bar got it wrong and thought it was free beer all night… We finished it all and didn’t get back to our van until 6am and slept in it until we had to get to the next gig!