CB Spotlight : Nerds In Denial

NID Handles (2015)tencil PRBand Name :
Nerds in Denial

Home Town :
Rochester, NY

Year Formed :

Current Lineup :
Dashuan Burrows- Drums
Richie Cardiel- Bass Guitar, Vocals
Ben Hare- Lead Guitar, Vocals
Devin Johnston- Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

For the uninitiated, give us a Brief History of the band:

In 2011 Richie, Devin, and Ben started the band their Freshman year of high school. In 2012 after various other drummers, Dashuan was added to the line up just in time to start playing at venues in Rochester such as Water Street Music Hall, The Bug Jar, Main Street Armory, and others. As of now, Nerds in Denial has played at venues in NYC, Buffalo, and Richmond, Virginia. In late 2014 Nerds in Denial released its first single, Drug Money, then the second, Five Days Time, to follow in early 2015. In Fall of 2015, Nerds in Denial recorded their first studio album at FLCC, which is to be released July 4th, 2016 as “Take Two”. The first single off the album is called Crazy, which was released May 15th, 2016 and is available for stream and download onbandcamp.com/nerdsindenial/crazy. The second “Take Two” single will be announced shortly so stay tuned!

And what’s been the highlight so far ?:

The highlight would have to be our time in the studio at FLCC. It was an amazing experience to be with the band and our close friends, and to focus on music till we were too tired to think for days on end, as exhausting as that may sound. We were able to get really tight in preparation for recording as well. This not only helped us in the studio, but helped our live performance as well, helping us to create more fans and get us to where we are, and where we’re going soon.

Big plans for the future ? :

Absolutely! As aforementioned, our debut album, “Take Two”, is coming out July 4th, 2016 and is available for preorder on nerdsindenial.net/store . We are also looking into more recording later in the year. This may or may not mean another album, but to stay updated make sure you follow us on Facebook: Facebook.com/nerdsindenial, Twitter: @nerdsindenial, Instagram: @nerdsindenialband

Describe your music in 1 word :


What is the most common misconception about the band?

That we are nerds. We’re not nerds.

Tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about the band :

Nerds in Denial all went to Brockport High School together. Brockport High School has an annual event called Mr. Brockport, a male beauty pageant. We were asked to play at the event for the second year in a row, and though struggling with classes respectively we agreed. Brockport had a strict policy about not participating in extra curricular activities if you’re ineligible due to grades, which 3 of us were. The day of the show the boys ran all over the school trying to turn in assignments to raise grades. One of us got off, but the other two did not. We had a decision to make. Were we gonna skip the show, and leave fans sad, or are we gonna break the rules like true rockers? The next day, the two boys who couldn’t get off spent the day in detention.

Who would be your ideal tour-mates ?:

We have always though the ‘Suck It And See Tour’ that the Arctic Monkeys did in 2011 with the Black Keys would have been amazing to see, though having the opportunity to play with those huge influences of ours would be a dream. Another band that we admire, and would love to play with is Cage The Elephant. Their musical diversity, mixed with their energetic stage presence would arguably compliment our style.

And what would be on the rider ?:

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People say rock’n’roll is getting too safe, too tame. What’s the most “rock’n’roll excess” thing you’ve done ?

Safe? Tame!? In our experiences Rock N’ Roll music has brought nothing but wild, exciting, and borderline dangerous adventures. We bring that amount of energy, an excess of Rock N’ Roll if you will, at every show we play, and every place we go. That Rock an’ Roll spirit will be showcased in our upcoming video of our second single. But if we had to choose one moment as a band that embodies bad ass hard core unadulterated Rock N’ Roll without boundaries… without limits… It would have to be when Ben truly gave himself to the band. One fateful Rochester night, Nerds in Denial was melting faces as usual when Ben went just a little too hard for a moment, maybe it was the temperature inside, the screaming fans, point is he dropped his pick. Suddenly Ben had nothing to shield his fingers. This did not stop Ben because Ben is not just a man, he is THE man, man. We kept playing hard rock beats and sweet funky jams till Bens raw finger just couldn’t take the strain of the hard steel and burst open, spraying a coat of bright red blood all over Bens’ guitar. Then, and here’s the best part, then Ben didn’t stop. Till the end. Ben bled through our show. And that is why he is the man, and that is why Rock N’ Roll will never die while we’re around.