Bloodstock 2016 Preview : Rob’s Top Picks

Bloodstock 070616It’s nearly time to head to Catton Hall for the UK’s best festival again. We’re all salivating over the line-up already; it’s wall to wall metal! None stop good stuff… Bloodstock is always the highlight of the year for team CackBlabbath, and we expect that 2016 will not disappoint.

So I’m going to pick out some of my must see bands. I’ll go through a few main stage acts, but really there’s hardly anything on there that I wouldn’t want to see… it’s a plethora of great bands.

There are always some old favourites on the Sophie Stage and there’ll always be a few great bands new to our ears as well, no doubt.

The New Blood Stage, well, we won’t pretend to have heard of everyone on there. One thing that’s for sure is that we always come away gobsmacked about just how many bands were thoroughly brilliant over on the Hobgoblin stage. Last year we discovered Bloodyard and Mastiff to name a couple. We’re sure there will be plenty more this year.

So here we go…

It all kicks off on Thursday night in the Sophie tent. Party night to those who know the score… Phil Campbell will be headlining with his covers crew but the band I’m most looking forward to is Karybdis.

Ever since I received ‘From The Depths’ for review a few years back I’ve been loving this lot. Criminally, I’ve never actually seen these guys live so all this will be rectified next Thursday night!

I’ve always loved a bit of Mastodon, probably more so back in the Relapse years but they have long held a place in my heart. I’ve seen them live many times over the years and I’m a little curious about how they will approach the big headline show.

They are not famous for putting on a massive production, they tend to just stand and play. So it’s interesting to see if they have anything up their sleeves. I’m sure it will be a corking night whatever they decide to do…

My other two main stage picks are also some old favourites that I’m thrilled to see back at Bloodstock.

Paradise Lost are icons of British heavy metal. Not many doomy gothic bands can pull off an afternoon set in the sunshine but Paradise Lost have done it before at Bloodstock and will do it again. They are on top form at the moment too.

COC Manchester 2015 (8)Corrosion Of Conformity first came to my attention on Metallica’s ‘Load’ tour almost exactly twenty years ago. Since then I’ve been a bit obsessed. I think I’m a bigger COC fan than I am a Metallica fan these days and through their eclectic back catalogue there are more gems than you could fit into any festival set.

The comeback tour early last year was brilliant fun and last time COC played Bloodstock as a three piece they were great too. Pepper and co have had quite a tough year but this is gonna be great GOD DAMN IT!

Yeah I’m a fan boy…

Pick of the mighty Sophie Stage will be Desert Storm for me.

Colossal stoner magic!

A band that may have out-Clutched Clutch in the past; they really blend that rock – blues –stoner thing to amazing affect.

Ryan’s booming vocals may just take the roof off and last year’s ‘Omniscient’ was pure class.

Conjurer Uprising 04Finally over on the New Blood Stage. We recently went along to the Metal 2 The Masses final at De Montford Hall and saw Conjurer win the Leicester division of the competition. They were bloody good, too. Sludgey doomy and heavier than a really heavy thing; we can’t wait to catch them live again.

We spoke to Andy from the band about their show and they can’t wait either…

Of course, Bloodstock is more than a load of really cool bands. The atmosphere and family feel at Bloodstock truly cannot be matched. We love loads of festivals like Download, Hellfest down to tiddlers like HRH et al and they all have a real community feel because of the musical ties. Nothing compares to Bloodstock though, you really just feel at home for the weekend amongst a cracking bunch of folk.

And as I say every year with a big grin… Over 100 Real Ales in the Serpent Lair!!!

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