Bloodstock Open Air 2016 : Nikki’s “must see” list…

This year has been all go for us here at CackBlabbath. We’ve been across Europe in search of the very best festival experiences but next up is the UK’s best. Always the highlight of a relentless summer season where there’s hardly time to catch your breath before the next big wave comes we’re packed, rwady and impatient for Bloodstock Open Air 2016. 2015 was my first taste of this unique, amazing event and I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to do it all over again.

In 2015 I had a plan, a list and I saw pretty much all the of bands I wanted too, but the thing is, most of the bands I saw I already knew I liked. Time to broaden the horizons though so for me, this year, I’m all about bands that I don’t know, and have never seen live.

Yep, (almost) no fangirling this year. Here’s a list of the bands I’m going to see that, well, that aren’t Gloryhammer or Symphony X…

So here goes…

OK, an obvious choice to many, but a band I didn’t know a great deal about. I was drawn to Mast0don mainly because of their progressive leanings and their ability to hold my attention on the stuff I’ve been listening to. Not an expert on them by any means, I’ve never seen these guys live and only just got into them over the past wee while but I’m hoping they live up to my expectations

Venom_CackBlabbath_IainHawkins 6

Second on this list, a band where I’m not going to have much choice but to watch them, bosses orders… Venom. Now I’ve overdosed a bit on Black Metal this summer, but while bands like Taake fly the same Black Metal flag, Bloodstock marks a rare UK appearance for the godfathers of the genre. Apparently I’ve got to “lay down my soul to the gods rock and roll”…

We’ll see about that. What if it’s muddy ?

No one needs a muddy soul !!

I go into this with an open mind, a watchful eye and hopefully come out of it with intact eardrums. It is kind of a pity they’re not headlining in the Sophie tent (at least then someone might shut up about their tent-headlining Hellfest show), but we’ll see how they do on the mid-evening main stage.

Next up, picked for their name mostly, Foetal Juice. I was sold at the get go as soon as I researched, as you do, and the band declared that their influences for their lyrics include anything from takeaways to masturbation. Could they possibly be the death metal /grind band with a sense of humour I have so longed for.. To be honest for me a lot of death metal bands take on similar personalities with little to separate them. Call it lack of imagination or that they take themselves too seriously at times. I want to be scared, entertained, but above all, we just want something original.

You go guys! You and your takeaway songs!

Rabid Bitch of the North made the cut, and do seem to be much more my “thing”, a hard and heavy NWOBHM sound. When all is said and done, you can’t beat metal in it’s original form!

And here’s another thing… silly as it sounds, they look like a band and I am sure the Bloodstock faithful will enjoy bouncing about with this wild lot!

Last, but not least, on the Sophie stage… it’s 3 piece Doom band, Witchsorrrow. I’ve been subjected to them a fair bit in the car and it’s finally starting to sink in. Yet another heir to the Sabbath legacy, they wear their influences with pride and genuinely (probably) don’t give a doom-damn about what’s cool or trendy.

I have even more respect for the simple fact they don’t pretend to be a high school musical, happy jolly bunch. Check on their bio on Bloodstock’s page. Necroskull (don’t think that’s his real name) says “I’m not a very nice person, I don’t like people, I pretty much hate everything.”

Not one for the glowsticks and beach balls then !! Team CB shall be there, pint in hand, watching this bunch while contemplating the meaning of life…

Or whether or not to have another pint.

Or two.

It goes without saying it’s not just about the bands at B.O.A.. Bloodstock is an occasion, a gathering of like minded individuals (well, mostly individuals), so there will be many familiar faces wandering around in a daze.

And then there’s Lemmy’s Bar. Say no more…. \m/