Bull-Riff Stampede : Enraging The Beast

27325892942_245067d6a1With a new album fresh on the shelves and bagging a late addition to Bloodstock 2016, what better way to get warmed up for the metal party of the year than blasting some Bull-Riff Stampede.

And this one is certainly getting us into the mood!

‘Enraging The Beast’ is the follow up to the band’s thrash-tastic debut ‘Scatter The Ground’ and continues in the ferocious groove that the band have already made their own.

Bull-Riff Stampede are very much at the sharp end of new thrash originating from our shores.

There’s very little sign of nostalgia in what they do. Although they have the relentless energy of classic thrash and they will show off their influences from time to time (Check out the classic sounding guitar solo on ‘4125’) they manage to shift a sometimes stagnant genre into the modern era of heavy metal.

They are not unique of course, there are plenty of bands taking the thrash blueprint to more brutal territory. Bull-Riff Stampede will be sharing the stage with likes of Goatwhore this weekend who have a similar paint-stripper approach to their bomb-blast of a sound. You can’t deny that they sound exciting however and ‘Enraging The Beast’ is an explosion of energy from start to finish.

There is technical wizardry aplenty on display throughout but for every whirlwind of fretboard Olympics there’s a good old head-nodder to break up the chaos. The brilliant ‘Pieces Of Hate’ alternates from sandblasting venom to a ‘Domination’ style groove with ease.

The band had such an enormous sounding debut that they were in danger of peaking too soon. ‘Enraging The Beast’ shows no sign of any let-up from Bull-Riff Stampede and they have evidently come to re-establish themselves as one of the UK’s hottest upcoming bands.

Bloodstock is crammed full of quality heavy bands and we’ll no doubt discover plenty of new home-grown talent this weekend. You’d be hard pushed to find many better than these guys however.

We’ll see you down the front!