Corrosion Of Conformity Live at Bloodstock 2016

COC Bloodstock 03
With the sun beaming down and a warm breeze rolling across the arena, what better way to enjoy a Friday afternoon than kicking back to some Corrosion Of Conformity.

It’s just about perfect C.O.C. weather. Some jamming riffs, a cold beer and fag… this is gonna be awesome.

C.O.C. arrive without sticksman Reed, so after just one days practice, “John from Manchester” is filling in on the kit.

The band aren’t mid tour cycle at the minute, they’ve flown in especially for us. After a huge build up in the from Krusher, Pepper and co arrive typically understated, slowly jamming into the first track.

It sets the trend for the whole set. A combination of a brand new drummer in the fold, the swirling wind, the fact that they’ve lost their instruments on route (we’re missing Woody’s old beat up ESP six strings) all makes for a loose and easy going show. Not quite the punchy shows we’ve seen from the band over the last year, but somehow the jam-feel fits this afternoon perfectly.

“This one is dedicated to Donald Trump”

There’s only one song in the C.O.C. catalogue that this can be… ‘Vote With a Bullet’ smacks some life into things for a moment while the stoner friendly ‘Albatross’ takes us a little higher!

The set ends with a massively long and drawn out version of ‘Clean My Wounds’ which turns into a meandering jam for a fair while, eventually kicking back into the chorus (about ten minutes later)

Okay, so just maybe they were drawing it out a bit. We would probably have liked to hear ‘Stonebreaker’ or ‘Wiseblood’ but anyone can tell they’ve not had the best of weeks and are doing the best to keep the show going. It’s slightly different, but the band draw in a whopping crowd and they don’t lose anyone along the way. So we think that all went down pretty well.

All is definitely forgiven when Pepper announces that C.O.C. will be back in 2017 with a new album through Nuclear Blast and another tour too.