Twisted Sister Live at Bloodstock 2016

13 Twisted Sister‘Forty Years and Fuck It!’ That’s what it says on the banner. It is of course time for Twisted Sister’s final show in the UK. Ever…

As Dee explains, this isn’t a Kiss or a Scorpions farewell. Twisted Sister are calling it a day. For good.

So this is quite an occasion and Twisted Sister have bought the stage show to celebrate it. The stage is lit up like a light shop window and they’ve bought the pyro, all the pyro.

A few fireworks too.

The band look just as fine as any stage props however, especially Dee, who moves pretty well for a chap who must be eligible to draw his pension out.

Twisted Twittert

Dee regales the crowd with a few tales of Twisted Sister history, never afraid to let his love of the UK and Europe overflow.

“You saved our asses in the 80’s”

Mike Portnoy is on drum duties taking the place of the late A. J. Pero. He does a respectful and spot-on job too. Pero, along with Lemmy get a song dedicated to their memory, ‘The Price’ is accompanied by hundreds of lighters (mobile phones) aloft in the crowd in a touching and momentary slow in the pace of the night.

But, there’s plenty of life left in Twisted Sister yer…

2 Twisted SisterThe band smash through a genuinely emotional farewell with some rare cuts and some absolute solid gold classics. The deafening roar of “I Wanna Rock” is surely the loudest of the day.

It’s one hell of a spectacle from start to finish and quite a coupe for Bloodstock Festival. We would never have imagined that a show like this would hit Bloodstock a few years back, when we were watching the likes of Edgy headline. No offence to Edguy, who we love. It just shows how the festival is growing and has easily become the UK’s premier metal event of the year.

As for Twisted Sister. Well there were tears of joy and sadness shed throughout the set, but an overwhelming air of celebration won over. That was the best leaving party we’ve ever been to!