Anthrax Live at Bloodstock 2016

Anthrax Bloodstock

Playing the same slot as they did just two years ago, Anthrax are back at Bloodstock once again. This time on the back of their brand new album ‘For All Kings’ which has been on heavy rotation in the CB car.

The final few hours of a long four day jaunt of a festival can be a struggle. Livers and limbs are aching like a bitch and it’s hard to keep up the enthusiasm that you had on Thursday evening. Unless it’s Anthrax time of course…

Exploding onto the stage with ‘You Gotta Believe’ and then straight into ‘Caught In A Mosh’ which turns the photo pit down the front into a scene from Saving Private Ryan, just without the guts and severed limbs. Bodies flying everywhere, testing the Showsec security (who have worked their socks off all weekend). It’s bloody chaos.

But, our aches and pains are gone. Magic! The energy pouring out of these old-timers is contagious and you can’t help but get swept along in the madness. Thrash’s original good time bringers are… bringing a good time!

It’s not just us that are rejuvenated by Anthrax, the circle pit that erupts during ‘Indians’ swallows up half the arena and an hour set flashes by in the evening sun.

Scott Ian excitedly promises to come back to the UK next year with a full headline tour (which we are told back in the media tent isn’t officially confirmed yet!). That sounds like fun to us!

What a blast.