The King Is Blind Live at Bloodstock 2016

8 The King Is Blind

There are plenty of old favourites of ours on the line-up today at Bloodstock. Two of our favourite new bands also crop up on tho Saturday bill too. Typically, with a bit of a clash.

We’re not ones to whinge about clashes though. This is just going to require a bit of rare Team CB sprinting between stages.

First on our favourite list is The King Is Blind. We’ve been catching these guys where we can over the last couple of years and that all started here at Bloodstock last time they played the Sophie tent.

This is our first proper look at them as a five piece. Steve has been freed of the bass guitar to concentrate on his front man duties. It has made the band instantly more dynamic and even more exciting to watch. Although we suspect that was the idea in the first place.

Steve makes a more menacing frontman with full roam of the stage, anyway. Ceri brings a splash of colour to proceedings with his Red/Pink hair. Plus some powerful bass guitar, of course.

All in all, it’s a powerful and super heavy appearance here at Bloodstock once again. This band get better every time we see them. A splendid mix of doom and death to get our afternoon going…

Even the lighting guy was nice to us at a TKIB show for a change.

Excellent, now to dart off to Conjurer!