Conjurer Live at Bloodstock 2016

5 Conjurer BOA

Having witnessed the brilliant Conjurer at the Metal 2 The Masses stage earlier in the year, we were very excited to see them again at Bloodstock.

We were feeling quite smug that we had this New Blood band under our belts as one of our ones to watch. Finger on the pulse and all that.

Turns out everyone else is already turned on to Conjurer. Everyone you asked mentioned Conjurer in their ones to watch. Even Dom Lawson had them on his preview list!

So…good for Conjurer, eh!

The tent was indeed very busy for their set. By the end it was one of the largest crowds we’d seen on the New Blood stage and Conjurer were every bit as devastating as we were hoping for. Pretty much the same as we saw at their awesome performance at Uprising festival. Apart from Dan has had a hair cut…