Gloryhammer Live at Bloodstock 2016

3GloryHammerA lot of bands come a long way to play Bloodstock, but most of them still come from this planet. “We are Gloryhammer from space!” is just showing off, and certainly must be about the farthest anyone has come to play. Taking a break from his Pirate buddies, Chris Bowes is in full wizard-ey mode while Thomas, erm, I mean Angus McFife was resplendent in his fetching green armour and a pair of entirely historically accurate wrap around shades.

We won’t mention the gold trousers though, must be a space thing.

Power metal isn’t supposed to be too serious but the ‘hammer guys take the cheese to a whole new level.

Only one thing for it, get down the front and  lose yourself in the glorious sillyness. Even”When I say Crail, you say Hail” had us all doing what we’re told.

The Hootsman also clearly demonstrates that it’s NEVER too early for a drinking competition !!


Swords, sourcery, battles, drinking and nasty Unicorns invading Dundee (although why ANYONE would want to invade Dundee is a mystery to anyone who’s been there), the Hammer of Glory was held high over Bloodstock and lo, it was indeed glorious.