Paradise Lost Live at Bloodstock 2016


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More party music in the sunshine next for TeamCB, it’s Yorkshire’s answer to the Vengaboys, Paradise Lost. And right on cue the “miserable northern bastards” (to quote a certain BOA honcho) are another band complaining about the sun.

Sun or not, we do love a bit of Paradise Lost, and we’re clearly not alone. “Here’s some old shit, this is Rapture” sends the crowd mental as Nick Holmes rocks his typically un-rockstar look, complete with the necessary cheap sunglasses.

Nick’s attention is drawn to labels on front of the speakers in front of the stage, which he seems to take as a challenge “It says do not stand on these.. what will happen if I do ? Death ??”

About 5000 people roar at him to give it a go, in the name of finding out what WOULD happen, but he’s not keen “If I fucking die it’s your fault”.

We’re asked “Did anyone see Vallenfyre today?” but I’m guessing that almost everyone did. Greg is back for his second stint of the day, this time in full guitar god mode. The place is buzzing asn it’s clear Paradise Lost are in the mood to provide something special. “This is a really old song.. fuck sake really old.. this is called Eternal”

OK, that’ll do us just fine.

Nick tells us that in view of the bright, happy occasion the band have been looking for a setlist to “suit this, the joy that us upon us all, not just me”.

Aye, that’ll be the cheery Beneath Broken Earth then.

There’s still a big discussion going on about whether Paradise Lost were the main stage band of the day for BOA Saturday. The only reason there’s any discussion is that 2/3rds of the team are wrong !!