God Damn : Everything Ever

god-damn-everything-ever-cackblabbathWe’re big fans of the grungy little twosome that is God Damn. In fact, we’re a sucker for most heavy duos out there. Wet Nuns, Royal Blood, King of the North… there’s loads that we love. Not sure why, but there’s something quite uncomplicated about two fellas belting out a tune. They always make a hell of a noise when there’s only two of ‘em too!

God Damn certainly fit into this category. We’ve seen them out on the road at Hammerfest, Download and as they are one of those lesser spotted rarities that book shows in Derby; we’ve been to a few of their own shows too. And they’re bloody great.

A great live band doesn’t always mean great records, but God Damn have certainly come up with a cracker in ‘Everything Ever’. Plus we’ve got some new ammunition for the road too. Although we’ve heard a few of these tracks kicking around for a bit…

‘Sing This’ was one we got hold of early and it’s a trashy as it is anthemic. A wonderfully chaotic collision of punky-grunge and more assured pop-indie.

‘Again Again’ is a stand out track. Screaming out his lungs, Thom pounds out the song with passion before the two-some join for an ascending chorus-line. Most importantly this is all set out to a bonkers soundtrack of inside out riffing and clatter. A bit reminiscent of Hawk Eyes at their paranoid schizophrenic best!

For all the alt-rock and grungy goodness that ticks our boxes, there’s a definite nod to the mainstream in places. ‘Fake Prisons’ has an indie vibe that turns into a glorious scream-fest to balance things out nice and roundly.

‘Failure’ sounds like a Kasabian inspired number as much ‘It Bites’ sounds like Ginger Wildheart’s noise crew Mutation. So this album treads many different paths. God Damn have certainly got the punk attitude but aren’t afraid to hit you with a fine melodic tune at the same time.

‘Dead To Me’ has that simple little ‘Heart Shaped Box’ guitar piece with yet more in yer face vocals whilst ‘Violence’ bounces along with undisputed swagger. One trick ponies… God Damn are certainly not.

In short, God Damn are raucous pair who make the most abrasive barrage of grungy garage rock with one hell of a bang too, for just a couple of blokes. With ‘Everything Ever’ they’ve slightly rounded off some of the rough edges of their previous outings and they’ve maybe slid a few more hooks in there to get under your skin.

They still sound like they are playing their colossal tunes whilst falling backwards down your cellar steps, though. What a joyous racket that is!


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