HRH Doom Vs Stoner : Sheffield gets its heavy on


The final countdown is on to the latest addition to the ever expanding Hard Rock Hell empire. HRH Doom Vs Stoner will see some of the heaviest bands on the planet descend on Sheffield for two days of tectonically heavy riffage, kind of appropriate for the city where British Steel was made.

Candlemass live at HRH UnitedHRH have a unrivaled reputation for putting together bills that are a fine blend of the legendary and the unknown, of veteran’s who’ve been around since the dawn of time and of hot, hungry newcomers vying to become your favourite next band, and HRHDVS is no exception.

It’s just a bit epic.

If you were to ask the members of TeamCB for one band each to play a Doom Vs Stoner gig, the top line would probably look pretty much like it does on the poster. Candlemass were ground zero doom metal wise, Conan push the boundaries of what can be called heavy outwards and downwards and while Orange Goblin have made the crossover into mainstream appeal (well, comparatively) their stoner tinged roots set a template that many have emulated but few have exceeded.

Druganaut HRH Road Trip IbizaIt’s a bill that has “must see” bands all the way through. Druganaut blew us away in Ibiza last year, politically incorrect and in dubious taste they may be, but that won’t stop us getting sown the front and singing along to Carradine’s Closet.

They may even bring the sexy shorts look to Sheffield.

Then there’s Undersmile, a band we fell for when their subsonic siren call drew us to their Bloodstock Open Air set a couple of years back. Anyone who thinks Doom is all men (often with impractical beards) needs to check them out, dark, eerie, captivating and quite brilliant.

Another band you really don’t want to miss are the ever-impressive stoner-meisters Desert Storm. Now we’ve been fans of these guys for a while but they took things to a whole new level with a storm-ing set at Bloodstock this year which threatened to kick a hole in the Sophie tent canvas.

We’re not quite sure where in the Doom Vs Stoner spectrum Black Spiders and Raging Speedhorn fit, but who really cares about labels and genres, they’re both stalwarts of the UK live scene and we’ve never seen either band give it less than 100%

Of course one question remains.  It’s Doom Vs Stoner, a battle forged in iron and stone, who’d emerge victorious ??

Well there’s only one way to answer that. Get yourselves to Sheffield on the 1st and 2nd of October and we’ll see you at the bar !!