KING 810 : la petite mort or a conversation with god

la_petite_mort_or_a_conversation_with_godKING 810 are back with album number two. ‘la petite mort or a conversation with god’ (let’s call it ‘La Petite…’ from now) sees Flint, Michigan’s most famous rock sons back for more. Have they mellowed with their new found fame?

Have they heck!

KING 810 certainly made an impact on our scene with their ‘Memoirs Of A Murderer’ just a couple of years back. The band’s image is massively centered around their upbringing and their mean streets ways of life. Gangs and guns, murder and violence are all at the forefront of KING 810’s business and frontman David Gunn’s lyrics are heavily focussed on guns and death. Now, death isn’t at all a taboo subject in metal is it? We love it! But there’s something quite gritty and real about KING 810 and that adds an extra chill factor to what they do.

So this is not everyone’s cup of tea, we know that because KING 810 are one of those marmite bands. Gunn’s poet style brushes some people up the wrong way too. It’s basically a slowed down rap, but it is a pretty unusual vocal style he uses. He is very purposeful with his delivery and in an unusual stride in rock music; you can hear every word he utters.

There’s one thing for sure however; that is that KING 810 are daring to push the envelope and do something different within metal. Whilst we’ve always got new albums to look forward to in heavy music, very few dare to cross the lines as far as ‘La Petite…’ does.

Whilst Gunn’s lyrics take centre stage throughout ‘La Petite…’ there is plenty to like about the soundtrack that goes along with Gunn’s urban commentary. ‘La Petite…’ lacks the big Korn-does-industrial riffs that pelted KING 810 straight onto the heavy metal category last time around. In fact, riffs are virtually non-existent on here. Most of guitar licks are reduced to rumbles here and there or some occasional simple picking, with the odd appearance of a proper “Rock Riff”. ‘Give My People Back’ has an intro to give you your fill of proper guitar driven stuff. But it’s a rarity.

‘La Petite…’ is a more electronic record. Plenty of Nine Inch Nails inspired noises and indeed it could well be Trent himself tinkling away on the keys in the background on some of these tracks. Even further away from the mainstream metal way of doing things is ‘Black Swan’ which is full on orchestral. Not your typical standard intro strings either, the whole song is built around the classical vibe.

Like we said before however, KING 810 have not mellowed. Try ‘War Time x Trick Trick’ complete with added hip-hop and say that’s not heavy! There’s still a faint whiff of that eclectic early Slipknot in there too.

It’s an album built on creating an atmosphere and hitting hard with the chills as you soak up the story. An epic that’s designed to take you on an emotional ride through Flint, Michigan. If you get on board with it, you’ll get sucked into this album so far that you’ll be drawing the curtains and avoiding walking down the street for the rest of the week.