HRH Doom vs Stoner Preview : Desert Storm Interview

We’re gearing up for the indoor festival season now that those nights are drawing in and it’s about to get a whole lot colder. First on the list is from those fine folk at HRH with their first ever Doom vs Stoner festival; in one of our favourite cities…Sheffield!

ds-storm-desertIt may be the first edition of the festival but HRH have not skimped on the line-up. We’re made up to see Candlemass, Orange Goblin and those dirty beasts that are the Black Spiders on the bill, but this is a bill of great depth.

Desert Storm are big favourites amongst Team CB and we can’t think of a better festival to see them play. Just don’t say they sound like Clutch…

Cheers to Ryan for taking the time to talk to us:

CB : Thanks for talking to CackBlabbath. It was good to see you live again at Bloodstock. You certainly woke us up for a day of action! How was it for you?

Ryan – It was a great experience! And thank you for getting up early to catch us. We were overwhelmed by the amount of people that checked us out. Amazing to see a full tent at 11am on a sunday morning!

You seem to be regulars on the festival circuit these days. Desert Storm slots quite nicely onto a lot of bills. That must keep the band ticking along?

Yes we’re keeping busy with touring and festivals…the major ones such as download, sonisphere and hellfest have still continued to elude us, but maybe we’ll play them soon!

Monolithic Fest looks like a good one? (Purely judged by the poster and location!

Yes looking forward to monolithic festival this weekend in Spain! Our first show in that country and will be cool to share the stage with Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator again amongst other cool bands!

And of course… we have the upcoming Doom and Stoner festival as HRH comes to Sheffield. It’s looking like a tasty line-up…

What can we expect from your show?

You can expect a usual Desert Storm show full of heavy riffs and aggressive vocals…maybe even a better light show!

Will you get a bit longer than at Bloodstock?

Yes I believe we have an hour, so maybe even a chance to showcase new material!

Will you be hanging around to catch anyone else on the bill?

Absolutely! Will be catching our friends in Orange Goblin, Conan, Limb amongst others!

desert-storm-04It’s not all been festivals however. You were out with Honky this summer. Those guys look like they might be fun to tour with. Any tales from the road with them?

Oh yes! Very fun tour that one, and the first tour actually sharing a van with another band! Lots of stories…few house parties, lock in’s lots of drinking…the usual, everything you could expect!

Omniscient’ has been getting some hammer on our stereo since it came out. Any plans for new material in the near future?

Thanks! Glad to hear it! Yes new album is written, hope to have more news on that soon!

We’re big Desert Storm fans here at CB, but every time we review you we seem to mention Clutch in the same breath. Does that comparison get on your nerves yet?

Haha yes it does! But we’re all fans of Clutch, its a nice comparison to make for sure, though personally we don’t really hear it…maybe in our earlier more bluesy material but our new direction is generally a lot heavier!

Cheers, for talking to us. We’ll see you in Sheffield!

Thank you! See you in Sheffield!


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