Witch Tripper Live in Chesterfield

12 MageFashionably late… or just worked to the bone, we arrive just in time to catch the awesome Mage taking to the stage at Real Time. Apologies to the bands we missed at the start of the evening.

A night of doom and stoner fuzz in Chesterfield is a rarity, but the place is packed, and all for a good cause too. ‘United In Fuzz Presents Motorneuronhead’ raising money for motor neuron disease. Sounds like a good excuse to have a few jars and get headbanging to us…

“Fresh off the Sophie Stage at Bloodstock” Mage treat us to some of the heavy stuff.

It’s our third time seeing the band this year and we’ve not nearly had enough yet. The Sabbath comparisons are plain to see and hear but there’s more to Mage than your standard doom band. ‘Dark Matter’ just sounds more colossal every time we hear it with that riff making the (remarkably clean) venue shudder under the weight of the music. And when the track kicks into that spaced out gallop at the end… bloody magic.

Beer may have been spilt!

The band look relaxed, Tom belts out the tunes with a bottle of Becks in hand. We like that style, and although it’s over all a bit too quickly, it’s another cracking show from the Leicester boys.

It’s not all about beards and riffs tonight. Reenie’s Rockettes fill the change-around time with some burlesque dancing on the dancefloor. Nobody seems to be complaining about that little bonus although a few in the front row of the crowd look to be in serious danger of landing a black eye or two. If you know what we mean…

Anyway, Derby’s 28 Double are up next. This is a band we don’t know much about but they soon make their presence felt as they rip into their set.

Bare-chested Nick at the front prowls the stage in an energetic fashion. He looks through and through a metal frontman but 28 Double are more like a straight-ahead rock band than anything. ’28 Double’ demonstrates some catchy chorus lines, proper singing and some rollicking riffs.

Not what were really expecting on a bill like this, but they are damn good all the same. We’ll have to check these guys out again!

More boobs, beers and bucket shaking fills the gap before the headliners come on. Bloodstock’s Rob Bannister helps out with the fundraising as well as checking out how his BOA graduates are getting on.

Now by our reckoning, both bands we’ve seen so far tonight could have headlined this show as they were both great. Witch Tripper had best be on form because the bar has been set high.

Witch Tripper’s Rich has been running around like a mad man all night; raising money, moving the crowd out of the way for the dancers, introducing the other bands, rolling fags… Now it’s his time on stage and along with Jimmy and Christof we think they might just live up to the expectation here tonight.

Witch Tripper BOA 03We’re not wrong either. We didn’t catch as much as we’d liked to of Witch Tripper’s set at Bloodstock, but what we did see made us want to come back and see them asap. That’s why we’re in Chesterfield tonight.

The band look like headliners with the Witch Tripper backdrop up high and a snazzy light show to boot. Musically, they are a blast too.

Mixing up some groovy stoner with some no-nonsense rock and roll, they have the crowd headbanging away in no time. Big riffs and clattering rhythms all mixed up with Rich’s gravelly deep south (Mansfield) vocals gets a real party vibe going at Real Time.

‘Meat Off The Bone’ sounds a bit familiar as they borrow Maiden ‘Revelations’ riff and put it to good use. The whole set rumbles by often landing in a big pile of guitars. Just how we like it!

Special shout out to Jimmy on the drums who does his best to catch and twirl more drum sticks through the set than we’ve seen before. It won’t be long until he’s spinning plates behind there whilst banging out the drum parts.

By the end of the night we’d managed to raise a few hundred quid for a good cause and had a bloody good time doing it! Hats off to everyone involved because that turned out to be one of the best gigs of the year so far.