Damnation Festival Preview: Interview with Venom Prison


We don’t recall Team CackBlabbath ever going to Damnation Festival without coming home the next day with a new favourite band. Sometimes two or three. There’s always plenty of our big name favourites on the line-up; this year we can’t wait to see Electric Wizard amongst many others. It’s sometimes even better to discover a brand new band to tear your face off however. This year it’s a safe bet that Venom Prison will do just that…

We’ve had their debut album on heavy rotation since we received it and it’s a belter. Check out the ‘Animus’ review *here!* 

We’re yet to see them in the live arena, but Damnation is going to change that. So we tracked down Ash from the band to find out what to expect:

Thanks for talking to CB. You’ve just been added to this year’s glorious Damnation Festival line-up. How does that feel?
Pretty good I won’t lie! I’m very grateful Damnation has given Venom Prison the chance to play such a cool festival along with some great bands.

Will this be your first visit, or are you seasoned regulars at Damnation?
This will be my first visit, I have always known about the festival & some years wanted to go but with other commitments I always missed it. So this year I am pretty pleased that I am able to attend and see some amazing bands.

Damnation isn’t a big sprawling 3/4 day festival, so it’s always a pretty exclusive club to be on the line-up…
I’ll be honest I’m kind of into the idea of one day festivals with a big line up, you get to see everything you want to then it’s over, having it on going for 3 or 4 days in the same field or room gets a bit intense. Different story to touring you see new things everyday.

Who up there on the line-up poster are you most proud to be alongside? And which bands are unmissable on the day for you?
For me personally if I were to be proud of anything it would be the fact so many bands I’ve known or listened to for some time such as friends bands or bands we’ve played with are on the line up alongside some monster bands.
The Infernal Sea, Employed To Serve, Svalbard, Hang The Bastard, Gets Worse etc
Go and check those bands out, no point me mentioning Electric Wizard as you’ve probably heard of them before.

Your debut album is about to drop too. It has to be exciting times for the band?
Exciting is an understatement, we’ve constantly been writing since being a band going from demo, EP to album in such a short time has been hard work but rewarding at the same time.
Everyone has his or her own commitments outside of the band if it’s work, university or general life stuff so having everyone putting 100% to get this moving is amazing. We’ve played a lot of shows, toured a fair bit & will carry on so to support this album, which is out 14/10/2016 on Prosthetic Records worldwide.

Confession time… until your new album promo arrived at our end, we hadn’t really seen much of Venom Prison. Can you give us the potted history of the band?
That is completely understandable Venom Prison has only been going for 18 months, bands take time to surface I believe even with lots of hard work. So we started in January 2015 with a demo that we self released which was then followed by an EP “The Primal Chaos” which is on Soaked In Torment Records in September 2015 check out the EP and label if you have chance. As soon as the EP was released we got straight onto the album “Animus” which was picked up by Prosthetic Records via preproduction then we got onto recording the album for them and it is due for release 14/10/2016
Before Venom Prison we were all in other bands and knew of each other from playing hardcore/metal shows together. So once we were all freed up from that we all decided to start Venom Prison.

And most importantly, what can we expect from the Venom Prison live show?
Since day one we have always been tweaking our set and trying to turn just a 25min live set into a performance, we believe the performance should be filled with energy, anger and most importantly a well flowed set from start to finish, no stopping. People want to listen to music; the message is in the music. We could stand there for 15 mins explaining the World’s problems but that will not solve it unless people can connect to music first, I do hope people will go away and look at the message our songs hold.

Damnation is obviously a biggie, but what else have you got planned for the remainder of the year?
So, we’ve got the album coming out then we are going straight onto tour with Trap Them & Okkultokrati across UK/EU, we have plans for end of year and 2017 but that is all still in the pipeline.

venom-prison-animus-cackblabbath‘Animus’ has had quite a few spins here at CB already but we can’t wait to get a proper physical copy in our hands. That artwork is great. Where did that come from?

The artwork for Animus was done by Eliran Kantor (Testament, Hate Eternal, Soulfly, Hatebreed, Incantation)

Working with Eliran was great, he really understood what we wanted and took the time to look through the lyrics and really understand what Venom Prison is about.

He spotted Perpetrator Emasculation, which is about revenge on rapists, it’s always the common for death metal to have the female being killed or misogynistic views (even if they say they don’t mean it, it’s not exactly acceptable to promote that onto people) so that was how we came to agree on the artwork. I am glad it has come out as powerful as we imagined.

Well, best of luck with the album launch and your Damnation show. We’ll hopefully see you there!

Thank you for the interview.

Animus out 14/10/2016 on Prosthetic Records.

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