Cocaine Piss UK Dates

cocaine-pissWith a week to go until they rampage through the UK, COCAINE PISS are gearing up to launch a “glittershitstorm” on our fair isle, stating:  “We just want to see how people dance in the UK”.
Watch the tour trailer here.
Following on from the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, The Dancer, COCAINE PISS are set to embark on an end of year tour across Europe. The tour will hit UK shores for three short sharp shocks of beers, bruises and good times.

The Dancer was released via Hypertension Records in September, comprising of 14 sharp-tongued, punked up, crusty around the edges tracks squeezed into less than 25 minutes of play time. Recorded with Steve Albini at the helm, the raw aggression and energy of a COCAINE PISS live show is captured on tape and has been pumped into willing (and occasionally unwilling) earholes around the globe.

Refusing to be pigeonholed is almost a genre in itself these days, but with comparisons and points of reference ranging from Melt Banana to Bikini Kill to the Pixies to the Dead Kennedys to The Locust, it’s safe to say COCAINE PISS are punk, but perhaps not as you know it. Whilst they may appear to set out to amuse and bemuse in equal measure, there’s also serious side to the band’s message, with strong statements on gender equality pervading their performances.

COCAINE PISS play the following shows:

Dec 07 The Cluny – Newcastle Upon Tyne
Dec 08 The Old Pint Pot – Manchester
Dec 09 The Shacklewell Arms – London

The Dancer can be purchased from the Hypertension store.