The Treatment Live at Nottingham Rock City

the-treatment-07Support bands aren’t supposed to be this good, are they? The Treatment dive onto the stage like they own the place and they play their opening set to a full floor of punters who look quite taken with the leather clad mob.

We’re no strangers to The Treatment and their high octane rock’n’roll, but we have had a bit if a break from seeing them lately; mainly because we missed Hard Rock Hell this year. Real jobs don’t half get in the way sometimes…

Anyway we’ve seen them countless times; from small stages in Pontins to sharing big stages with the likes of Slash, and they never disappoint. From stripy jumpers to leather-clad rock stars, we’ve seen a lot of The Treatment over their career. It’s us in the stripy jumpers tonight though, we’ll leave the rock star stuff to these guys.

Bursting with energy, The Treatment have amassed an arsenal of recognisable songs to rip through these days and they don’t hold back tonight.

‘I Bleed Rock+Roll’ is a straight up party anthem that anyone can shout along to after hearing a few lines, ‘Bloodsucker’ packs a punch and best of all is one of their newer tracks; ‘Generation Me’ shows that The Treatment are only getting better with their growing experience. Combining the crunch of AC/DC and the swagger of Guns n Roses, the boys waste no time in winning over some new converts in the Reckless Love crowd. They spend half the gig in the crowd just to make sure they get noticed and they get Rock City more than ready for the main event.

The Treatment have hit out at the press a few times recently for being ignored. We haven’t written this review to suck up to them or anything, but we will say that the only reason we went to see a Reckless Love gig on a miserable Friday night was to see them again!

Until the next time…