Ash Live in Nottingham


This December Rock City played host to Ash’s 20th anniversary tour of their highly successful debut album “1977”.

The evening kicked off with Moses, a four piece hailing from London. Moses didn’t waste any time getting off to a flying start, they were energetic, animated and showed no fear as they maximised their time and presence on stage.

The second band to play were Black Honey, a popular indie four piece from Brighton who have been beavering away building a solid fan base and racking up the Spotify and Youtube hits.

After a short break to change the instruments and clear some space Ash took to the stage, prompting a loud cheer from a clearly enthusiastic audience.

As is the current trend, Ash played the original album “1977”in its entirety. It was obvious that band enjoyed being there and still enjoyed playing the music.

It wasn’t all serious stuff. After finishing the original 1977 album track list they jumped across to a quick rendition of the music being played in the Cantina Scene in Star Wars: A New Hope (it’s the bit where they go into the bar and first meet Han Solo), before playing a range of tracks from their other studio album releases. At one point they played a cover of the Abba song “Does Your Mother Know” encouraging the audience to sing along.

Closing out with “Shining Light” and “Burn Baby Burn” I nostalgically thought back to my teenage years and the soundtrack of the 1990’s, a great time for music.