Rob’s End of Year Lists 2016!


Well, no doubt there has been a shedload cracking albums this year. Having twins in January sort of limited my metal in 2016 though, I’ve listened to more kids screaming than screamo. I’m upping my game in 2017. Back to the festivals and cranking up the tunes again, and probably a divorce…

These albums did manage to penetrate the house of dirty nappies and minimal sleep:

1. Testament : Brotherhood Of The Snake

I think we’re agreed here at CackBlabbath. You want a band who can still genuinely thrash? Then Testament is what you need. An uncomplicated screamer of an album.

2. Metallica : Hardwired…

I dare say we’ve all heard this one a few times. I think it’s really good, great in fact, and I think the release was handled superbly and will ensure that lot’s of people will remember this as a top notch ‘tallica album! Bring on the tour and the black beach balls!!

3. Venom Prison : Animus

I was simply doing some research for a trip to Damnation when I decided to revise this one. The artwork was certainly eye-catching and the music was a pretty instantaneous thumbs up from me. in a list heavy on old favourites, these guys shook things up the most!

4. The King Is Blind : Our Father

I’ve been waiting for this one for a while. Not sure why The King Is Blind clicked with me more than other newish bands have, but they just did. Managed to see them a few more times live this year and they never seem to miss the mark!

5. The Wildhearts : Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung

You won’t find many of my lists without a Wildhearts entry in there. This year is no different!

6. Anthrax : For All Kings

Not quite up there with Testament or Metallica but a good old listen. They blew our tits off at at Bloodstock too!

8. Amon Amarth :  Jomsviking

Big Bollox Viking Metal! Bring on BOA2017…

9. Conjurer : I

A mega introduction to these guys through Metal 2 The Masses 2016 and I’ve not stopped going to see  them since. Mega!
10. Gojira :

This has topped a lot of lists that I’ve seen, and I’ve had to include it as it’s a proper banger of an album. Gojira are the absolute tits live too, which I feel has coloured a bit of judgement. This one is good, very good even… but not as good as the last three!

So there you go, a decent mix of the old and new and some unpredictable ones in with the usual names…

Gig wise well there have been some crackers…. think I’ve missed a few crackers too e.g. Hellfest!!

Anyway, like I say…. making my way back to the festivals and Rock City, Corp et al is high on the list for 2017!

But here’s a few of my favourite pics from the gigs the twins did let me go to this year:

Happy New Year!