Nine Inch Nails : Not The Actual Events

ninThe rumours have been flying about for so long it was starting to look like a bit of ‘Chinese Democracy’ style wait for new Nine Inch Nails material. Okay, not quite thaaaat long, but sometimes you want something so bad it’s painful to wait. A bit like waiting for Christmas day when you are a kid. Or a bit like waiting for Bloodstock Festival when you are a fully grown adult…

Anyway, it was all announced a couple of weeks ago and now this brand spanking new material is downloaded onto just about every device in the house. ‘Not The Actual Events’ is the five track EP we’ve been waiting for to follow up the “Alright-ish’ ‘Hesitation Marks’.

“It’s an unfriendly, fairly impenetrable record that we needed to make”

That’s pretty much the gist of what we got for PR for the upcoming release but what could you read into that? Not a lot, apart from it was going to be heavier/darker (better?) than ‘Hesitation Marks’. That’s what I read into it, anyway.

So, is it all that we’ve been hoping for? And before we get stuck in, this is a biased review from a very biased NIN fan… because they’re just about the coolest thing to ever exist aren’t they?

Good? Yeah!
Brill? Yeah, Probably!
Classic? Not sure yet…

This collection is a bit of a crossover of styles. There are some really dark atmospheric pieces mulched together with more post 2000 electronic bits. It’s all wonderfully claustrophobic and it has a bit of show-reel feel to it. Trent’s passion for writing filmscores means everything he does tends to follow a bit of a storyline, even if you don’t know what the plot is.

The overwhelming feeling you get from ‘Not The Actual Events’ is that this is the start of something. It doesn’t actually say “To Be Continued” anywhere on here but that is the impression you are left with. This just feels like it’s the intro or the beginning of something much bigger and with Trent (and Atticus) seemingly showing Nine Inch Nails some love at long last; it’s very exciting to think what might come next!