The Wildhearts ‘Fishing For Luckies’ Show Preview

15697844_1285502388196546_3452247017188940212_nAs is becoming the norm for this band and plenty of others that take us straight back to the golden age of the mid-nineties; The Wildhearts are back out giving one of their classics from the catalogue the anniversary treatment.

The Wildhearts will be playing a ‘Fishing For Luckies’ show at Rock City at the end of the month.

‘Fishing For Luckies’ (FFL from now on) is roughly twenty years old now, depending on which version you are holding in your hand. And there are plenty of versions to get your hands on…

This album marks the end of the classic Wildhearts sound, the ferocious punk rock pop that typified the mid-nineties version of the band would be lost after this release. Not that we didn’t get our money’s worth from the post FFL albums; there are plenty of gems post FFL, that’s for sure!

Yet this album was never meant to be. Previous album, ‘PHUQ’ was originally designed to be a double album. East West records put a stop to that and in a almost comical run of events, the record company gave back the remaining (more difficult) songs to the band. The band released them through the fan club. The album took off like a rocket. Record company squabbled to get the songs back… and the result of all that is that there are multiple versions of this album.

Although the commercially released version of the album is often snubbed by main man Ginger, it did give birth to some hits and fan favourites. ‘Sick Of Drugs’ and “Red Light Green Light’ are two songs that were added to the original tracklisting to try and give the album a more commercial lean, and they turned out alright didn’t they!?

We’re not sure which version will be played on the night at Rock City, but if we were to guess it would be a mixture/greatest hits of all the versions.

But that is indeed just a guess, and we’re wrong quite a bit you know!

There are classics from every version of the album that we won’t want to miss out on.

But here’s a few we’re crossing our fingers for:

WH7 (1280x853)‘Inglorious’ – Off kilter riffs, massive melodies and an epic opener if ever there was one. This track is up there with one of the very best that The Wildhearts have ever recorded.

‘Schizophonic’ – A song in the same vein as ‘Inglorious’, it is another track that is a big old pop song but with that Wildhearts twist to make it that little bit distanced from the mainstream.

‘Geordie In Wonderland’ – A folky number that should really be up there and recognisable to everyone, not just rock fans. If only Kevin Keegan had used it…

‘Mood Swings and Roundabouts’ – This one is just about as brief as they come, but there’s something very energising about Ginger in full-on barking mode. You can hardly keep up with this belter, even if you know the words!

‘Sky Babies’ – An epic quarter of an hour affair. Rarely played live, but maybe this is it’s time…

Whatever is played on the night, it’s sure to be a cracker of a set. There are literally two shows worth of songs to choose from and there aren’t many we would’t object to hearing live again (or for the first time). FFL is a high point in the musical output of The Wildhearts and it deserves a big old birthday party. Dry January will most certainly be cut short for this.

It seems that this will be a one night only job (in the UK) for this album, so clear your diary for Friday 27th January. If that wasn’t enough to entice you, Danny will be back with the Main Grains in support and our faves Massive Wagons will be playing on the night too!

Ticket for this special night are available from: 



Show Poster : Gavin Johnson via All Things Ginger Wildheart FB Group

Photo : Rob CB