Memoriam : The Hellfire Demos II

201844_memoriam___the_hellfire_demos_ii__ep_Here‘s a couple of demos to feast your ears on and wet your appetite for that upcoming Memoriam album.

‘Drone Strike’ has a riff that marches straight into action like a fearless paratrooper.  Karl’s gravelly growl and the speaker shattering riffing come over with a devastating barrage. The simplicity in the demo production gives it a genuinely old school grain.

Let’s hope the album isn’t all polished up like an A7X album. We doubt it will be…

‘Surrounded (by death)’ pulses and squeals into life with full-on battering ram effect too.

We thought these guys were stonking at Bloodstock last year. With a heritage like theirs and on the evidence that this little taster gives us, Memoriam are going to make 2017 very heavy indeed.