Annihilator : Triple Threat

annihilatorCanada’s own thrash legends, Annihilator, are hitting us with a three for one deal that we just can’t refuse here at ‘Triple Threat’ sees Annilhilator going for several approaches on this one. Firstly you get a live set from 2016’s Bang Your Head festival in Germany, then you get an unplugged in the studio set and finally a DVD with both of these sets and further mini documentary footage.

So there’s plenty to go at here and just enough to keep us entertained until they hit Bloodstock festival this summer!

While choosing to do an acoustic session is not totally unique for a thrash band- Metallica did an ‘Unplugged’ session and even dedicated a portion of their live show to acoustic numbers back in the mid-nineties for a short while – it’s not really the done thing for Thrash bands is it? Considering Annihilator don’t really have a ‘Nothing Else Matters’ up their sleeve, this is somewhat of a strange move. But it does work on a curious level…

We don’t think many Annihilator fans have been sat at home craving an acoustic record from Jeff and co. However, a bit of variety never hurts and this is quite a different side to Annihilator and they nail the feeling of this record perfectly here. The acoustic demonstrates the strength of the song writing as they work away from the sweaty clubs with the amps turned up to eleven.

The more recognisable tracks such as ‘Snake in the Grass’ still sound big enough; even in this stripped back style.

Now, we’ve got an old battered copy of ‘Live at Masters of Rock’ that has done some mileage here at CB but another live show on record is more than welcome from Annihilator. Rather than the aforementioned release, this is a no frills recording that is a little less epic sounding in the production but perhaps a raw and more genuine capture of the Annihilator live show. The DVD footage is again nothing too grand, just a regular festival set in the afternoon sun, but is a good snapshot of what the band are about these days and just how many bangers they have to tear your face off in the live arena.

Check out some footage here:

The DVD part is worth the money alone on this release. Most importantly, you get the concert footage from the first discs. An added bonus is the short documentary which follows the band around for a few days. It is no ‘Some Kind of Monster’ that’s for sure, but a little insight into the good ship Annihilator is an interesting watch.

So all in all it’s a varied bag of stuff here, but a great value package. It just happens to be a great warm-up for that Bloodstock Festival show on the horizon too!