Evil Scarecrow Live in Nottingham

8Evil Scarecrow CackBlabbath Rob WA long overdue catch up with the mighty Evil Scarecrow. We’ve not seen the gods of Blue Peter metal since their latest victorious festival appearance at Bloodstock last year; and this one is going to be a bit special too…

We can’t deny, we see this band at festivals more than their own shows, but tonight is one of their own productions. It’s a home town show at the epicentre of Nottingham; Rock City is packed to the rafters with eager punters ready to ballroom dance and scuttle the night away.

A quick flashback to the last time we saw Evil Scarecrow at Rock City… they were supporting Soulfly and we watched with intrigue as a bunch of loons held up letters on signs and generally fooled around and made us smile. They were great fun! But err, the joke will probably wear thin soon…

Hands up, we were totally incorrect on that one. To be fair, we were very enthusiastic the next time we saw them, AND the next time, and… etc.

They’re back at Rock City tonight and they are headlining the place. There are more people here than at that aforementioned Soulfully show too. There are more more smiles too, both the band and the crowd are having a ball.

How come they can still pull it off after all these years? Well, they keep upping their game.

16Evil Scarecrow CackBlabbath Rob WThe band are on a UK tour on the strength of one new song here. Lots of bands would release one song that caught an audience’s imagination, stick it in the encore and plod along, living off it for as long as they could. Not Evil Scarecrow, ‘Thundercats’ was great, “Robotron’ was the first “Wow” moment, that time when they unveiled ‘Crabulon’ at Hammerfest was jaw-dropping. Everything this band puts their name too takes hold like a wildfire and ‘Hurricanado’ is no different. The cotton wool clouds, glitter and confetti is glorious and the newest song on the bill is unbelievably, the best!

Of course, we get to do the robot and the crab dances too along with some ‘serious’ heavy metal in the form of ‘Blacken The Everything’ to make up a whole night of heavy metal joy.

It’s hard to fathom just how Evil Scarecrow can make you smile from ear to ear with a big stupid grin whilst blasting out some dark and brooding heavy metal. They are the parody masters but for all their cardboard stage props; they are most certainly a mighty fine and proper metal band too…

Whilst the likes of Steel Panther flounder around for a cheap laugh and wheel out the debut album hits to get them to another Download show, Evil Scarecrow are still inventing brand new ways to make us have a bloody fabulous time! Long Live Evil Scarecrow!