CB Spotlight : Black Sites

Black sites

We’re firing up the CB spotlight and shining it towards Chicago, IL… Black Sites give us the answers to our generic questions:

Name: Black Sites

Home Town: Chicago, IL

Year Started Out:  2016-ish

Current Lineup: Mark Sugar (guitar/vox), Chris Avgerin (drums), John Picillo (bass), Ryan Bruchert (guitar)

Brief History: Mark Sugar and Chris Avgerin joined forces to record what was originally a “project,” influenced by old-school metal/rock/prog. As things progressed, the lineup was rounded out by John Picillo and Ryan Bruchert.

Career Highlight: The impending release of our debut album “In Monochrome,” out Feb. 17 via Mascot Label Group.

Future Plans: More shows, more albums.

Describe your music in 1 word: “Moist.” Or maybe “husky.”

If you could convert someone to your music with one song, which would it be: Probably the title track, “Monochrome.”

Tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about you/your band: Mark Sugar is a direct descendent of Dracula. Chris Avgerin’s face has mysteriously appeared on people’s toast. In times of stress or anger, John Picillo doubles in size and strength. Ryan Bruchert has survived multiple stabbing and poisoning attempts.

Who would be your ideal tour-mates: Metallica. Playing to their crowds would be awesome.

And what would be on the rider: Coffee, a vending machine stocked with various sour/lemon-flavored things, and a DVD player loaded with the entire “Death Wish” franchise.

Band Website: blacksitesband.com

Socials: Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/blacksites/

Twitter – http://twitter.com/blacksitesband