SikTh In Pictures : Live in Nottingham

6 SikthWe’ve been waiting quite a while to see SikTh.

Approximately 15 years…

Having missed out the first time around, their reunion has finally made it possible for us to catch this band of our youth live! They didn’t disappoint either, a bouncy old set went down a storm as they warmed up the crowd for the main event (Trivium).

The room is already packed by the time SikTh rip through their set and they set the pit alive with bangers like ‘Pussyfoot’ with limbs failing all over the place.

It all looked like terribly good fun from the bar… we’re happy enough just to bang our heads and sup our beer though!

Mike asks if we’d come out and see SikTh again if they toured?

‘course we f*cking would! We’ll see you there.