Backyard Babies : Live at The Cirkus

BYBHaving welcomed back Backyard Babies with open arms from their hiatus over the last few years¸ it’s about time we got our hands on a document of the BYB live show. Quality Backyard Babies live material isn’t all that plentiful, there’s a couple of shows on YouTube that are watchable and some official bits and bobs; but this is by far the most definitive piece of work to date.

Having slogged away at this game for 20+ years, the setlist is guaranteed to be controversial. There is no ‘Fuck Off and Die’ or ‘Saved By The Bell’. Goddammit!

There are so many bangers in the BYB catalogue that they’d have to play for about four hours to fit everything in. Backyard Babies are not your typical “play for four hours” band however…

But just look at what IS in there!

‘Highlights’ – ‘The Clash’ – ‘Made Me Madman’ – ‘…Outcast’

The setlist is just a massive list of great tunes, really. This band have the three minute rock song down to a tee. Catchy, edgy, punk that makes you want to leap off the sofa with your air guitar at least once per song.

It’s great to have a professionally filmed show by BYB but it’s far from the conventional  DVD show. Gigs filmed for DVDs are usually lit up like a Christmas tree and pack enough pyro to take down the Nakatomi Plaza. This one, strangely, is almost totally shot in the dark/blue light which is all well and good if you are Paradise Lost, but with BYB, we want to feel the energy on stage AND see it!

It’s a gig in Sweden by a Swedish band, so it’s no surprise that all the in-between-song banter is in Swedish.

Other than those little quibbles, this DVD is more than worth the dollar. The performance is as tight as a nuns… and it’s a show we would have killed to have seen in the flesh. You can’t help but smile when these guys are playing.

There are literally thousands of bands out there doing what BYB do. It’s a pretty simple rock’n’roll formula that they stick to but have a look at them belting out ‘Star War’ and you’ll realise that these guys are top of the pile, and well deserved it is too.

It’s not all foot to the board stuff, there’s ‘Painkiller’ and ‘Bloody Tears’ to mix things up a little. But we do love screaming our lungs out to tracks like ‘Look At You’ the best!! And the finale of ‘Minus…’ and ’Look At You’ is an enviable couple of closers for any band.

This really wets our appetite to go and see BYB live again and just as luck would have it; they are just about to hit the UK roads with Black Star Riders. Excellent!