Wednesday 13 Live in Nottingham

6 Wednesday 13 CackBlabbathWe’ve heard plenty of good things about Wednesday 13’s acoustic shows, but never quite made it to one until tonight. As an added bonus, there will also be a Bourbon Crow set too… let’s get the whisky flowing then!

Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms is a great venue for a night like this. It’s nice and intimate and not too much of a dirt box (since the refurb) which gives the night a nice relaxed atmosphere. It’s a Saturday night however, so it’s going to be a rowdy affair.

Wednesday 13 and Roman come out for the first set of the night. The sparkly fairy lights across the banner adorned with the crossed spades, a few stools and tables are all that grace the stage tonight. It’s a bit more understated than a full-on electric Wednesday show, that’s for sure!

It’s not just an acoustic show; there are stories aplenty and questions from the audience too. As Wednesday reels of the stories, you get the feeling that this guy could go on all night. In fact, last time we interviewed Wednesday 13, we had to split the article into two parts. So we know he can go on all night…

9 Wednesday 13 CackBlabbathFrom tales of getting pissed on at school, getting his teeth knocked out and never cursing in front of his Mum (before going into ‘I love to say FUCK!’ Wednesday is engaging and damn right funny when he wants to be. Word of the night has to be “Shite” but that’s not a reflection on the show, it just comes up in conversation a lot! Mainly to do with the culture differences between the UK and the US. That, and also the lack of mashed potato in KFC here…

The questions from the crowd are just sparks to get Wednesday going some more as he regales with tales of the road… One young lady uses her moment in the spotlight to tell Wednesday that Muderdolls “Are so much better than Wednesday…” but it doesn’t stop him in his tracks.

We thought that was a bit rude, but let’s blame the ales for that little outburst. On the whole the crowd are so engrossed in the stories that you can hear a pin drop when Wednesday is talking.

And, of course there are the songs too… don’t forget the music.

We get a great cross section of Wednesday’s back catalogue. From the aforementioned Murderdolls, Gunfire and indeed some of the solo band classics, the acoustic set is varied and lively enough to keep us hooked to the end.

11 Wednesday 13 CackBlabbath‘Nowhere’ and ‘Summertime Suicide’ no doubt please the loud mouth to stage right but for us ‘Bad Things’ and ‘My Demise’ are sing-along favourites and are the set highlights. The stripped back style shows the strength of Wednesday’s song writing for anyone who doubted it, but the charisma of the main man and the chemistry with his long-time sidekick Roman makes the show a slick and engrossing performance.

Then a quick break to get the drinks in, which is compulsory for what is about to come next.

‘Drink ‘till You Ain’t Ugly’ and ‘OJ Did It’ can mean only one thing, it’s time for Bourbon Crow. Rayen joins Wednesday and Roman for some good old drinking music and the night becomes a bit more boisterous.

A cover of Crue’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ is a surprise singalong but the big old finish of ‘Alcohol is Awesome’ finishes of the night in style. Arms and pints are waving from side to side and Nottingham does ta fine job of singing thier hearts out.

It’s always great to catch Wednesday and co. Next stop: Download Festival for Wednesday 13. We’ll see you there!