Danko Jones : Wild Cat

Wild_Cat-790x790We do love a bit of Danko Jones here at CB. We first came across Danko when he opened up for Motorhead and Saxon a looooong time ago in Sheffield and we’ve been hooked ever since. Wild Cat is the band’s 8th album but it’s live that the reputation has been built. If you want pure, adrenaline charged Rock’n’Roll then you need Danko Jones in your life, it’s like a party in your ears.

There’s definitely a gap in the market for route one punked up rock’n’roll, and it’s a gap that Wild Cat is more that happy to fill. It’s not subtle, it’s not clever but by god it’s a whole load of fun. “You’re my little rock’n’roll, No matter what you do, I’m going to tattoo you, on the back of my left shoulder” (there’s a certain lady-centric and theme about Danko Jones’ work).

You’re My Little Rock’n’Roll has been doing the rounds on the rock radio stations and the attention it’s garnering for Danko is well deserved. Going Out Tonight immediately hits one of those grooves that gets into your head, and the massive sing-along chorus doesn’t hurt its chances of getting the crowd bouncing at a sweatly little club near you.

You Are My Woman sees Danko channeling Phil Lynott to great effect, another sure fire sing-along that you only need to hear once to get enough of the lyrics to get the gist. This is how good time rock’n’roll should be. It’s great to see Wild Cat showcasing Danko back doing what he does best. The swagger and attitude oozes out the speakers, I defy you to listen to this without nodding your head or, at the very least, having a tap of the foot.

Welcome back Danko. 20 years on the road and still not slowing down eh?

Good !!