SHVPES In Pictures : Nottingham

15 Shvpes CackBlabbath

SHVPES are a band pretty new to us, but tonight we’re very up close and personal with the Brummie metal upstarts.

It’s unusual to see an opening band get the freedom of the lighting rig and have their own podiums onstage, but SHVPES are here to deliver the full experience. In your face, bouncy and surprisingly good, our first encounter with this band is a good one.

And the Nottingham Rock City crowd are only too willing to bounce along on this Saturday night. Rarely do you see an opening band get a smidgen of cooperation from the crowd, but somehow Grifffin manages to get what he wants!

The band get a shout out onstage from Matt Heafy later on in the night as well as him wearing one of their shirts, so they have friends in high places. And with performances like this, they have friends in considerably lower places… us!

We can’t wait to catch these guys again…