Bonafide Live at the O2 ABC, Glasgow

Killer Bees-Glasgow-IainCackBlabbath-23At the end of a busy week, there’s nothing quite like an appointment with some good old fashioned rock’n’roll to wrap things up. With this mantra in mind we headed into deepest, darkest Glasgow on a Sunday night to get our fix.

The Classic Rock scene is on a bit of an upward curve at the moment, and a decent crowd had assembled in the O2 ABC for a triple bill with a distinctively international flavour.

First up are Swedish / Canadian veterans Killer Bee who take the stage with a swagger of confidence. Being a Sunday night and with venue curfews being what they are the Bees don’t have long so they waste no time in getting straight down to business. “Good to be here on a Sunday night, we’d love to be here all night long”..

Alas they can’t be here all night long, but our brief introduction to the band certainly piqued our interest for more. Get On Board off the band’s latest album Eye In The Sky went over a treat and the crowd were clearly getting right on board with the Bee’s vibe.

Silly question next, “You guys want some Rock’n’Roll?”. Well of course we do and, you know, you can’t beat a bit of Led Zep. The audience participation was less that stellar though, you know that thing when the music stops and no one is singing along…


From the Northern hemisphere to the Southern next…

We’d caught Tequila Mockingbird late last year the Aussie Wrecking Crew gig, and their late addition to tonights bill was fine by us. For a three piece the band have a cracking energy, driven along by drummer Josie who has a habit of breaking her kit as she smashes the heck out of it, arms flailing and hair flying like an antipodean animal.

That’s animal from the muppets, not a kangaroo.

Did we mention they’re from down under ?

Tequila Mockingbyrd-Glasgow-IainCackBlabbath-1This is the first gig of the tour, and unfortunately they’re out on the road without regular bassist Jess who couldn’t make this trip. You’d never guess that from watching stand-in Kiera though, she had learned the set in no time flat and hit the stage in Glasgow after one jam through the material.

As Estelle put it “she’s killing it”, and we’d have to agree. Kiera looked like she belonged there and laid down the bass thunder to match Josie’s percussive gymnastics.

It’s familiar territory, delivered with passion. They draw on rock’n’roll staples like booze, life on the road and, erm, stalking your ex on Facebook. Their punk leanings are pretty clear too, especially with their rawkin Ramones cover.

The band are keen to partake of the local culture too, “Is Jaeger and in bru a thing? What’s it called?”

I’m not sure it’s actually called a fannybomb though. I wonder if they managed to down of a few before the long drag south.

It’s time to grab the camera and squeze in down at the increasingly packed barrier. Judas Priest blast out over the PA as Bonafide time approaches. Things don’t get off to the best of starts though, with a faulty Mic making Pontus sound like a Swedish Dalek. “I like that sound”, he tells us before a new mic is installed and the audio gremlins vanquished.

“I like that sound more”.


The place is buzzing for the likeable Swedes “We are Bonafide and it’s great to be back in the city of rock”. Judging by the number of band t-shirts on display the city of rock is glad they’re back too. With their regular appearances at the various Hard Rock Hell events Bonafide aren’t exactly strangers to the UK, but it’s always nice seeing a band getting to headline their own shows, especially one that doesn’t involve driving to the dark side of Wales.

Bonafide-Glasgow-IainCackBlabbath-23-2“We just released an album called Flames. So this is like flames over Europe”, and Bonafide certainly get the place warmed up. They always have an incendiary energy live, and tonight is no exception. Pontus is as chatty as ever, although not entirely complimentary about a certain British beer. “In Britain there was a beer called Skol? It was a shite beer?. In Swedish skol.means cheers and I’ve written a song about it.. Rock’n’Roll Skol”

Bonafide are steeped in the blues, as much as the booze with tracks like Rag And Bone Man casting a bluesey spell. Later there’s even a spot of widdly guitar wankery with the bond theme making a brief appearance. The main set finished with, of course, Fill Your Head With Rock to get one last big singalong going and send the punters out into the dark with a spring in their step.

There was even enough time for an encore “Rock n Roll wouldn’t be nothing without the blues”, and it was with a foray deep into the Blues that Bonafide signed off their triumphant return to the frozen north.

Three great bands, one great night.

And a cracking chippy just over the road.