Bloodstock Festival Preview : Interview with ONI

ONIOne name on the Bloodstock Festival line-up that is pretty new to us is ONI. We got a taste of what to expect from ONI on the recent Children of Bodom tour and we also caught up with Jake from the band to find out a little more about the band…


You are just kicking off a Euro tour with Children of Bodom, looks like a good run of dates to be a part of?

“It’s a great bill. It’s our second Bodom tour so we know all the guys now. We’re currently in Europe with them and there is probably no better place to tour with Bodom than to go through countries like Finland, Sweden and Germany so it’s been awesome. We get to go see the world and play rock and roll for all you guys could be worse.”

Will you be able to tick off a few cities that you haven’t played before on this run?

“We never played pretty much all of Europe except for the U.K. so it’s all firsts. We played Hannover last night, first night of the tour. I don’t think it could have gone much better for ONI than it did. The reception was awesome and we look forward to keep kicking ass on this run.”

What can people expect from ONI who will be seeing you for the first time on this tour?

“They can expect a lot of high energy and just a great show overall. We leave 120% out on stage and we approach every show like it’s going to be our last. And I want them (the fans) to get blown away by the talent that is in this band.”

6 ONI ManchesterThere will be lots for the hardcore Children of Bodom fans to appreciate with your sound, don’t you think?

“I feel like we’re a natural fit, and this is going to sound cheesy, a natural progression of the Children of Bodom style. I don’t think it’s hard for a Bodom fan to get into our sound because the fans that are appreciative of fast paced metal and rock with lots of shred and guitar solos, they can find that in both Children of Bodom and ONI. So there are a lot of similarities there in our sonics. We’re just different in the way that we structure our songs and some of the sounds that we use. I think the tour has something for everyone with Forever Still on the bill as well- adds a totally different vibe so I feel there is something for everyone on this tour.”

You’ve also got some dates with Devin Townsend on the horizon. That looks like a crazy night out with you and Devy on the same bill?

“Yeah, it’s going to be awesome. You know he is definitely one of the best ambassadors out there for Canadian metal. You know we all look up to Devin Townsend a lot. He’s a great artist so we couldn’t be happier. I feel our styles are very similar as well. It’ll be a great show. You don’t wanna miss it”

If you could pick one band to tour with, who would it be?

“It’s kind of hard not to say Metallica, so I’m probably just going to say Metallica. They are the biggest metal band ever. It would be real easy for me to say Slipknot too though. Any giant band, like Avenged Sevenfold, just purely on the basis that you could have more exposure than you could ever dream of.”

One date that is always in the diary for us is Bloodstock Festival, which you will be part of this year. Looking forward to that one?

“Definitely! The last festival we played- so many things went wrong. And although we killed it and had a great time, I feel like redemption is on the horizon for us and Bloodstock will be a great way to go about doing that.”

The line-up is immense at Bloodstock, as ever, how will you make sure you make an impression on the fans in attendance?

“Just to do our thing- play our music and throw down. There are going to be so many bands and we will stand out in our own way so I am not too worried about it.”

Will you get a chance to enjoy much of Bloodstock or will you be in the midst of lots of shows?

“I think we’ll be in the midst of a lot of shows but if possible would love to check what it has to offer. Lately, the festivals I’ve been attending I was there to perform but I always try to catch a few bands. I am a fan just like you so its fun to be able to able to watch some of these guys you grew up idolizing and learn a thing or two.

Well, it looks like you’ll be spending a lot of time in Europe this year. What are the best and worst bits of crossing the Atlantic?

“People that don’t go on the road don’t know but it’s not all fun and games. The border crossings are not much fun, lack of sleep and sometimes the food situation can get tricky. Aside from that experiencing all the different cultures and being witness to the people of Europe’s love of metal and hard rock and playing to them thus far has been some of the best experiences in our early career.

Thanks for the chat, Jake!


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