Stephen Pearcy : Smash

Smash-790x805Stephen Pearcy’s latest solo album, number four, entitled “Smash” came along just in the nick of time. Of late, CB have been inundated with all things BLACK, DEATH, and THRASH. It’s time for some no nonsense, rock n roll delivered heavy, hard and dirty, as it should be.

Ratt’s frontman and creator has his finger on the pulse with this li’l gem. With over 35 years in the business, he brings us a rather delightful mix of tracks you can singalong to, some with a more Glam metal vibe whilst other tracks are, to be honest, a bit more tame. Mix it all together and you are in for a treat though! But one thing is for sure, on the first run through, I was sold.

As you’d expect this album positively reeks of Ratt’s influence. Not only that, but there are was a whiff of Guns n Roses and a hint of Dead Daisies in the sound too. Stephen’s voice is as good now as it was on vinyl, in my bedroom way back in days of old. I found it like a homage to the 80’s when music was less complicated, hair was big and men wore more make up than women.

The first track “I Know I’m Crazy” breaks us in rather gently, whilst still delivering the sound and feel of classic AOR. By the second track, “Ten Miles Wide”, the momentum gathers and this is more than worthy of a wee sing along. Stephen and co churn out more delights for us and we are on a trip down memory lane, sound wise. Maybe it’s just my glam rock goggles on but for an album born in 2017, one could be mistaken for thinking it was a child of the 80s. It certainly ticks all the right boxes. Well it does for me anyways.

“Lollipop” was the one track out the whole album that grabbed me by the proverbial balls. And just when I thought it was all over, “Hit Me With A Bullet” happened. They just don’t make records like this any more. Records, albums, we are still in the 80’s sure? The cherry on the sundae for this is “summer’s end” which is more ballad orientated. “Jamie” is well worth a wee mention too. Though there is no tricks, gimmicks or modern sound the formula for this seems to work rather well. Keep it simple. Keep it true and just get it done. No wonder Stephen Pearcy has managed his 35 career with this working model. And as for the voice, well he has still got the elusive “it” that raises a singer above the ordinary.

For the first time in ages, I am actually incredibly optimistic about the music industry in general. So long as legends like Stephen Pearcy are producing this caliber of music to a specific audience calm will be restored to the metal force.

“Smash” is a breath a fresh air. With so many newbies on the go these days, finding an album that you can listen to in it’s entirety without hitting skip is a luxury. For an 80s hair metal fan, this was a gift from the Rock Gods and any classic rock, AOR fan or glam metal head will be satisfied with this latest helping.