Crowbar Live in Sheffield

14 Crowbar CackBlabbath

We’ve never been to The Plug in Sheffield before tonight. We were thinking, like Kirk was on stage, that it was a bit of a “disco” sort of place. Even if the layout isn’t as practical as your conventional venue, you can’t fault the set up here really, and the sound is spot on… Sludgy and God Damn Heavy.


Crowbar have done a spot-on job of dragging in some local support for this tour and tonight we’re introduced to Kurokuma and Rough Justice.

Both do a mighty fine job of warming up the sludge loving crowd. With the Kurokuma having some almighty jams mixed in with some Conan style towering doom. The bass player even has the Chris Fielding hoody and stance down to a T. But that’s an unfair jibe because Kurokuma are f’chin good, and we look forward to seeing them again at Ritual Festival in a couple of weeks.

Rough Justice are all about in your face brutality. The band are tightly packed on the Plug stage but they still move further and faster than any other band on the bill tonight. Hardcore blasts of sheer bliss get us well and truly oiled and ready for the main event.

3 Crowbar CackBlabbathWith tinnitus already setting in, Crowbar announce themselves in a typical understated fashion. After setting up their own gear and a quick swig of Stella (a quick can of Stella in Todd’s case), a nod to the soundman and they are in business.

There is a big crowd in tonight but we’re a little quiet for Crowbar’s liking. “I’m old, I’m deaf, make some noise so I know you are there” grimaces Kirk. To be fair, when the band are playing there is plenty of headbanging and moshing going off, we’re just having a well deserved beer in between songs.

Crowbar hit us straight in the face with their patented slow trudge and occasional flurry of hardcore madness. ‘Conquer’ is an early number in the set to get the crowd going and the occasional crowd surfer moves towards the impenetrable Plug stage.

Last time we saw Crowbar was at Bloodstock which Kirk acknowledges with an apology for not touring here for three years. This is out first time seeing Crowbar with the legendary Todd Strange on bass too. He doesn’t disappoint as he chugs through the bass lines (and the Stella’s).

It’s a relatively short set from Crowbar as they spend about an hour on stage. But with a finale containing ‘Like Broken Glass’, ‘Existence is Punishment’ and the imperious ‘Planets Collide’ we have had more than our fair share of beefy riffs for one night.