Alunah Live in Nottingham

4 Alunah Kuro Craters CackBlabbathIt’s our first trip to Nottingham’s Chameleon Arts Cafe, and we nearly found it first time! After a bit of strolling around, we realise it is actually next door to the pub we’ve just come out of…

It’s a cool little venue, nothing (at all) fancy about it but an ideal place to escape from the week with Alunah and co.

It’s not the biggest venue either, but as soon as opening band Damn Craters fire up, everyone comes out of their rabbit holes and up front to watch the show. A testament to the kind of crowd you get in these joints. Not a pillock in sight…

After the first track we hear a mutter of “Comedy of errors” from one band member. We’re guessing that isn’t a song title, but hell… we don’t know the difference. We’ may not have seen these guys before but they have plenty of stuff to like and fit in perfectly on a riff heavy bill like that of tonight.

We’re sure we’ll bump into these guys again somewhere or other and we’ll have to get our ears around some of their material in the meantime because they are great.

We’re up and running then. Some familiar faces on next.

12 Alunah Kuro Craters CackBlabbathKurokuma are brill, we saw them last week supporting Crowbar. Turns out we’ll be seeing them again this week at Ritual Festival. We’re not stalkers, honest!

‘This is the brightest light we’ve ever played in” mutters George before they kick off.

Now being at the other end of the camera, “bright” is a little bit of an overstatement. Bright, as in “turn the big light on” maybe…

The lighting rig here consists of a half a dozen GU10’s. For that classic living room look!

Anyway, we were a bit late into the show last week, so we’re happy to get the full experience tonight. One thing we either missed to they didn’t do was a BONGO solo! Proper Flight of the Concords stuff…

Kurokuma are definitely eclectic. We mentioned last time that they are smashing the Conan-style dual vocals with crushing effect. But with the knob twiddling electronics, industrial style Godflesh sections and well, bongos. They mix all sorts of stuff into something we’ll casually call a half hour doom set.

6 Alunah Notts CackBlabbathAlunah’s latest album is only a couple of weeks old, but they are coming out boldly and playing it live and in full tonight. ‘Solennial’ has been on the CB stereo quite a lot lately and we’ve come to the conclusion that it is a sublime piece of work that thoroughly deserves to be played in full, so we’re looking forward to this. Lots.

This is the first night of the tour and the first time Alunah have played live in a little while, but they hit the ground running as they reel off the album with a confident swagger. The album works on record as one piece of flowing music and in the live environment, it works even better.

It’s a head down and deliver the goods sort of performance from the band, less chat, more riffs. That works fine for us and helps in the aforementioned flow of proceedings. ‘Feast of Torches’, ‘Fire Of Thornborough Henge’ and ‘Lugh’s Assembly’ are some of our favourite songs of the year so far and sound just as sweet live as they do on record. The talking in the background of the delicate breeze of ‘Petrichor’ is a little annoying, but that is soon lost when the big riffs come back again!

There’s no point beating around the… forest, Alunah are one of our favourite bands out there. Seeing them in an intimate venue like this playing a corker of an album in full; that’s Friday night well and truly made!