Anaal Nathrakh Live at Ritual Festival

9 Anaal CackBlabbath

Well Ritual Festival is well and truly underway now, and although we’ve already ticked a lot of our favourite bands off the line-up… ahem, Conjurer and Kurokuma are winning so far; we’re getting towards big band territory now.

Big bands, if you’re into wallpaper stripping, floorboard straining heavy stuff that is. There’s a certain clientele this festival caters for, and we’re all over this line-up.

In between the constant rotation of bands, we’ve had a little sit outside in the sun with a beer and we’re eyeing up the pizza cart for any break in proceedings. There’s an extensive merch selection too, which already has a wallet feeling a little lighter. But, shit is about to get serious because Anaal Nathrakh are on the main stage next.

They are missing a guitar player thanks to Norwegian Airlines, but despite that obvious loss they still sound absolutely bloody huge!

Dave is sporting a Dead Man’s Shoes shirt today, which he’s had for a while but only just slimmed down to fit into since buying it, apparently… It’s appreciated by us and at least one other chap at stage right. It’s a great film.

Fun Fact: ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ was filmed in Matlock, CackBlabbath’s southern headquarters. Matlock is just as grim as in the film if you were wondering.
5 Anaal CackBlabbath
And after that bombshell… the show is wonderful, complete and utter chaos. Stage divers climb onto the stage podiums to leap into the crowd. Most of them are caught, apart from a couple of comedy splats onto the concrete tiles. ‘Depravity Favours the Bold’ really turns the mayhem up a notch before the bass goes down too! So now they are a guitar and bass down, but still sound brutal as hell.

To see Anaal Nathrakh in full flow is mesmerizing as they bring unrelenting energy to the Ritual crowd. A real bomb-blast of a performance that quickly goes top of our lists… for now!

Dave threatens to play on all night as he’s not been paid yet, which brings a little bit of tension into the air. It’s not really a common occurrence to have an extreme metal band revealing their business woes onstage. But it sure fired the band up.

‘We Will F*cking Kill You’ is a suitable example!

In the end, Anaal Nathrakh don’t go on all night out of respect to Canvas (who are on next), but we all trot off having seen a damn fine if slightly unusual show!