Serpent Venom Live at Ritual Festival

6 Serpent Venom CackBlabbath

Right then, we’ve just about caught our breath after a rushed introduction to the festival. We’ve seen a couple of bands, found the bogs and most importantly, found the bar!

Now, this festival covers all sorts of heaviness that is loosely labelled death and doom, but when we go and see our mums and tell them we like doom metal; what we mean is doom metal like Serpent Venom. Proper, traditional, sabbathy, lumbering towers of riffs-style doom! Just how we like it…

We’ve not seen Serpent Venom for a while so it’s great to catch these guys today and even though they only have a short half hour in which to impress; they do so with ease. As we fully expected.

Like we say, we like out doom relatively simple given the choice and those grand old fuzzy riffs, smashing cymbals and Garry’s soaring lyrics all melt into perfection. We’ve been rushing around for a good few hours trying to chase our tails so a chance to watch Serpent Venom wow us with there heavy sermon is great. We can stand back, sip on a beer and nod away for thirty minutes. Bliss!

We’re excited to hear the these guys have a fresh album to record this year so we hope it won’t be too long before we see them again out on the road. Today is a timely reminder that these guys are just as good as the more lauded bands out there in this field of music.

A short but sweet set from some classy doom mongers.

So, three bands down and they have been three corkers! Ritual Festival is spoiling us here… no breaking us in gently.