All Pigs Must Die Live at Ritual Festival

6 All Pigs Must Die CackBlabbath

Now we’ve been blown away by a steady stream of bands all day. Some of them we were very familiar with, some less so. If you’d have said that All Pigs Must Die would be the band of the day at Ritual Festival before we walked into the building. Well, we wouldn’t have agreed.

Pretty shoddy on our part but we’ve never paid a hell of a lot of attention to All Pigs Must Die. We’ve had nothing against them but we’ve never really delved into their catalogue and this particular branch of have never seen them live before.

Amidst the screeching feedback and blistering energy we quickly decide that we’ve been missing out. All Pigs Must Die are fucking huge! A battering ram of a band and the aggression from formidable frontman Kevin Baker is irresistible as he barks his way through the set.

They smash through a relentless forty minutes of pure mayhem and we can’t help but be mesmerised by the performance. A band on scorching form if we ever witnessed one.

It’s always sweeter when you don’t expect it. That’s the beauty of having all these great bands on a plate for you at festivals like this, you’re always going to be surprised by someone. Today we realised that we like All Pigs Must Die quite a lot!

Cheers Ritual Fest x