Bloodstock Festival Preview : Rob’s Top 5 Megadeth Albums

BOA Headliners

Stand back and take a good look at those Bloodstock 2017 headliners! It looks pretty impressive…

Ghost are just about the most talked about band in heavy music at the moment. They are on a phenomenal rise right now and are sure to wow us this summer at Catton Hall. Bloodstock are also welcoming back our favourite viking metalheads too. Amon Amarth will be setting sail towards Derbyshire in August and are sure to be a hit with the traditional minded BOA fan. But, you want a solid gold classic headliner to go and finish off an epic weekend? Megadeth tick the tried, tested and sure-fire winner box, and, let’s face it… we all bloody love Megadeth.

Well, Rob CB certainly does, anyway. So, in anticipation of the big finale to Bloodstock 2017. Here are Rob’s top five albums from Dave Mustaine and co….




Now we all know which end of Megadeth’s career all the good stuff is at, right? In more modern times, things have been a little inconsistent. From the rather poor (“Risk’, ’Super Collider’ et al) through to the “not bad” albums (‘Dystopia’, ‘Th1rt3en’ et al) we’ve certainly seen some ups and downs.

Endgame’ sticks out like a diamond in the rough however; starting with a whirlwind of an intro in the form of ’Dialectic Chaos’ it’s a blistering ride through some of the finest tracks Megadeth have issued since the turn of the century. The traditional tones of ’1,320’ are straight out of the early 1980’s but there’s plenty of modern bounce too.

It’s always tough for established bands to put out appreciated material when they are into several decades of existence. ‘Endgame’ just doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion and is well worth revisiting if you let it pass you by when it was released.


‘So Far, So Good,…So What!’


If there is one thing that Megadeth do the best, it’s epic intro’s. ‘Into The Lungs of Hell’ is just about the finest introduction to a record you could wish for. That typical frenzied fretboard dash over the grinding riffs in the background, that’s Megadeth’s signature sound and instantly recognisable to anyone with a passing interest in Thrash metal.

Once you’ve decended into the lungs of hell; it doesn’t stop there. The missiles drop through the headphones and Mustaine and co, are off smashing some riffs out in ‘Set The World Afire’. Track No. 3 is always a weird place to slot a cover version but we wouldn’t have it any other way after all this time with the legendary ‘Mary Jane’ following on from the Sex Pistols.

‘In My Darkest Hour’ is on there too; surely one of the best tracks in the whole Megadeth locker. It may be number four in the list, but could easily top it too…


‘Countdown To Extinction’ 


The nineties required a more polished approach. Believe it or not, heavy metal could land you a number one slot in the charts in the early nineties. Hard to believe these days, but that was the score.

Metallica had the “Black album” and Megadeth had ‘Countdown To Extinction’, and if you ask me (I’m going to tell you anyway), Megadeth won. Metallica may have become the biggest metal band in the world off the back of their album, but… ‘Countdown To Extinction’ is better. Isn’t it! Dodgy ground to be treading…

Well, wherever you stand on that, this album is packed full of belters. ‘Skin O My Teeth’, the title track, ‘Sweating Bullets’ and the ferocious ‘High Speed Dirt’ are all magic and the album flows like a dream. Dave M at his snarling alienating best!


‘Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying?’ 


If Megadeth’s debut album didn’t exactly set the world on fire on release, then ‘Peace Sells…’ would finally announce the band’s arrival on the scene with a bang. Wonderfully raw sounding, ‘Peace Sells…’ is the first stone cold classic in the Megadeth catalogue.

‘Wake Up Dead’ sees Dave leading from the front with a wonderful insight into my married life. The title track oozes everything that Megadeth are about to this day, ‘Devils Island’ speed metal heaven and the list goes on…

‘Peace Sells…’ has had a few anniversary reissues and reworking over the years, but those original eight tracks in their original state are a work of art! And speaking of art, the first proper album artwork (not a pound shop mock-up) to feature Vic Rattlehead is right there on this album. Great thrash needs great artwork, folks!


‘Rust In Peace’


Album number four in the Megadeth arsenal and a complete thrash masterclass. It’s up there with ‘Reign in Blood’ and ‘Master of Puppets’. If there was any doubting Megadeth were the real deal to be in the big 4, then one listen of ‘Rust in Peace’ and you are convinced.

‘Holy Wars’ into ‘Hangar 18’ is the biggest of welcomes to an album and decends the listener into a nuclear holicaust of a ride. ‘Tornado of Souls’ is a belter, but it’s just a non-stop trudge through some of the finest thrash ever to be recorded.

‘Rust in Peace’ combines that technical edge that Megadeth have over their Big 4 pals, with a dash of their more accessible side and a whoile heap of snarling attitude. An unashamedly epic piece of work.


Megadeth will close the show at this year’s Bloodstock Festival. Get your tickets right here: