Motionless In White : Graveyard Shift

Motionless In White are about to uncage ‘Graveyard Shift’ and set it upon us. Newly signed to Roadrunner Records, we can only imagine that this album is going to propel them into the big league. It’s hard to make waves in heavy music these days, but Motionless In White have certainly turned heads since their inception just a couple of years ago. We’ve been hearing the super-catchy ‘LOUD (fuck it)’ lead single for a while now, so let’s see what else they have in their locker.

‘Rats’ starts thing off all moody and heavy. A massive earth shattering riff introduces this one and it happily touches on the industrial side; reminiscent of Trent era Marilyn Manson. It’s a slow lumbering start but the track still manages to get some Korn style bounce into proceedings.

Speaking of Korn; old Jonathon Davis crops up on ‘Necessary Evil’. It has a big ‘Blind’ style beginning and Davis spills his guts all over it “It’s my party and I’ll die when I want to…”

Of course, there is more to this band than aping our crushes from twenty years ago and the electronic dominance and the goth-industrial atmosphere all adds up to something Motionless In White can call their own.

We like Motionless In White when they have that relentless momentum beneath them and there’s plenty on here to satisfy that. ‘Queen for Queen’ still packs a punch for all it’s melodic leanings but Motionless In White really hit the spot on tracks like the bile spewing ‘The Ladder’ which is a real throat ripper from Chris.

Similarly, ‘520’ has a sour-faced vocal that Randy Blythe would be proud of. We likey, a lot!

Tonnes of aggression, slightly industrial edged and a barrage of bouncing momentum; this album is a soundtrack to one hell of a party!

Download Festival is a matter of weeks away and these guys will be one of the first bands to set the weekend on fire on the Friday afternoon. We’re betting that the new ‘Graveyard Shift’ material will sound even bigger on that Main Stage (in the sunshine??!!)